Cirebon, January 8th 2012


My Colleague in PB PETRI

  In place

May prosperity will be upon you,

                      My colleague in PB PETRI (The Committee of Indonesian Researchers in Tropical Diseases), our President DR. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has canceled DHF vaccination program which should be done already in December 2011. For me and maybe half of you in PB PETRI were rejoiced to hear such a brave action that has been done by our President. He has destroyed a “Ghost Protocol” (if I may say so) about a way to eliminate DHF. Ghost Protocol which already well designed by an international health organization and supported by WHO.

                      The bravery that has been shown by Mr. President has showed us that the understanding of pathogenesis and pathophysiology of DHF is divided by 2. One side is supporting pathogenesis and pathophysiology of DHF just like what has been recommended by WHO, which says the defeat of immune system is the main reason of occurrence in DHF (which has proven by ongoing vaccination in June 2011). But on the other side, the overpowering of immunity (hypersensitivity) in one person itself is the main cause of DHF. In fact, it is a usual problem because WHO admit that pathogenesis and pathophysiology of DHF is still unclear and controversial. But it really surprised me, because WHO only recommend one theory and therapy which claims the defeat in one person’s immunity system is the main cause of DHF, and ordered it to be taught to all medicine faculties in all over the world. The other theory about person’s hypersensitivity as basic of pathogenesis and pathophysiology of DHF is not recommended by WHO (even though I already wrote a letter to WHO in 2008 and WHO representative in Indonesia already promised me to answer this matter, but until now there is no realization from WHO).

                      For me, based on 14 years of experience of discussion, both in verbal and written, have got a fact that theory about hypersensitivity type III as the basic in pathogenesis and pathophysiology of DHF is stronger than theory that has been recommended by WHO now. Do my colleague in PB PETRI also agree with my claim above ?

                      So, in order to support our president with scientific reason for his action, I propose him to legally teach my theory to all medicine faculties in Indonesia. Without waiting for his confirmation on this matter, I also ask my colleague in PB PETRI so that my theory can be taught to all medicine faculties in all over Indonesia. After then, I hope there will be no more warning or insult from a head teacher or professor, if there is any general doctor candidate or internist candidate who answers on DHF matter with the theory that I have told earlier. In my opinion, it is the time for our countrymen of Indonesia to break free from afankelijkheid or inlander mentality in all aspects of life in this world. And I hope doctors in Indonesia will stand on the first line. And it will be started with DHF case.

                      My theory is no need to be proven anymore. Because it is the conclusion on all research about DHF in the last 40 years. This theory has been read by over 80 nations from all over the world. And if we type “vaccination DHF” and search it in google, this theory is the 7th most read article in the world form tens of thousands articles that explaining about vaccination of DHF. That theory mostly read by doctors or medical workers from Philippine. I hope, Indonesia will be the first country to teach the theory.

                      In the end, I really say my deepest gratitude on my colleague in PB PETRI attention. Happy new year 2012, may Allah SWT gives us great success in this new year. Amen.

Note :                                                                                                                                                                      Wassalam,

This letter will be added to my website as                

a consideration to all doctors in the world,  dr. Taufiq Muhibbuddin Waly, Sp.PD

in order to trigger a fast changing or the revolution

in pathogenesis, pathophysiology and theraphy of DHF