Letter to Father of Secondary Heterologus Infection Theory
Honorable Professor Halstead

What is your opinion if I said to you genetic or increasing human leucocyte antigen have identical with individual sensitivity or not caused by wild viral dengue. In patients which have sensitivity to viral dengue the clinical symptoms become more serious or severe even though the viral is not wild. In the other hand, even the viral is wild but the individual is not sensitive clinical symptom to the patient wiil be light or not severe. I have prove that in my research (click dhf-revolution.blogspot.com afankelijkheid cirebon). I have said about the basic of pathophysiology and pathogenesis of DHF is hipersensitivity type III (it has been clearly proven antigen antibody complex in most of human body system) with variation there is an autoimune reaction with discovered platelet antibody in some patient. High dose (immunosupresif dose) with the strongest corticosteroid (methyl pretnisolon) to DHF patient whose fever less than 5 days gave the satisfying result.

I’m waiting for your comment in my blog. Thank you very much.