Indonesia October 4th 2020

To Honorable,

Policy Makers of COVID-19’s Problem Of This Earth

Peace and blessings be upon you all,
Trump has been infected by COV 2 Wuhan. Here i am sending you my writing regarding that specific problem.My question is still the same as what has Allooh’s Doom for This World or This World That Created Its Own Doom for Itself?May this writing ends COVID-19 of its title as the doom that befall on this world. Aamiin YRA.

Taufiq Muhibuddin Waly
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In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Gracious


(A Discussion with International Journals)

Taufiq Muhibbuddin Waly

Reading the latest news related to CoVID-19, which is happening around the world today, it is clear that the world has finally agreed to vaccinate the entire population of the earth to fight CoVID-19. A car tire that is flat and causes the wheels of the world’s life to not move properly, must be patched as soon as possible. And as expected, vaccines are the patches for the tire.

The problem is whether the car tire is really flat or is the driver suffering from vertigo? The CoVID-19 pandemic, is it a punishment from Allah for the inhabitants of the earth who have sinned a lot, or the ignorance of the inhabitants of the earth who creates punishment for themselves. CoVID-19, is it a common ARD disease that is actually not deadly, or is it a serious disease that is indeed very deadly? CoVID-19, is it a worm level disease or a dragon level disease?

In my view, a true intellectual should not take the principle of the singer, but the song. There is no fear of questioning something that is considered true. Although the truth is agreed upon by all intellectuals of the world. Even if the spoken truth comes from God, it is not an obstacle to put forward a question. The risk of being called a lunatic, stupid, rebellious, or atheist should not turn the intellectual from wanting to know the truth. Believing alone without discussion is shackling the mind given by the Creator. Except for things that cannot be thought of such as heaven, hell, the form of Allah’s substance, angels, demons, and so on.

In common sense, a disease is considered dangerous at the level of a dragon, if the disease can cause death quickly and spread quickly to all inhabitants of the earth. Only for this reason, all the inhabitants of the earth need to be vaccinated. But if the virus or bacteria does not cause death to those infected or gives only mild symptoms, then vaccinating the inhabitants of the earth would be superfluous. Even though the disease has spread throughout the world. It would be even more wasteful, or an obvious foolishness, if it turned out that the vaccine had no protective effect on the inhabitants of the earth. In the sense that the inhabitants of the earth can be exposed to the disease again even though they have been vaccinated.

CoVID-19 has attacked all countries in the world. However, according to the journal, 81% of the symptoms detected as a result of CoVID-19 infection were mild (ARD). [1] There is even a journal reporting that 40-50% of people infected with SARS-CoV2 do not show any symptoms. [2] If 40-50% of those infected with CoVID-19 without symptoms occur at a young age, then this is understandable. But if it happens to people with an average age of 68 years and over, and gather on one ship, and most of them have comorbid, then it is an extraordinary thing. Or the question is, whether CoVID-19 really dangerous or not.

Sakiko Tabata et al, conducted a study on 104 people who disembarked from the Princess Diamond ship, and went to Self Defense Forces Hospital [3]. The Princess Diamond ship is a cruise ship quarantined at the port of Yokohama from February 4 to February 18, 2020, because some of its passengers are exposed to CoVID-19.

Based on data obtained from 11 February – 25 February, 104 people went to the hospital. And they are in an average age of 68 years. 54% of the 104 people, have comorbid such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and other endocrine diseases. When they first came to the hospital, the data reported 43 people (41%) had no symptoms at all. 20 people (19%) had respiratory problems including oxygen saturation <93%. While 41 people (39%) only showed mild symptoms, or for that matter, had no respiration problems. It turned out that people who suffered from respiratory disorders had an average age of 73 years [3].

Meanwhile, according to CoVID-19 world data, as of September 10, 2020, the total reported cases since January 2020 were 28,044,161 people. And those who died were 908,292 people, or 3.23% [4]. On the other hand, if we use data from the city of New York (because of the CoVID-19 data report, I consider it the most accurate), then we get data that deaths at the age of 75 years and over, or the death rate of Americans who have exceeded their life expectancy, or people , whether infected with CoVID-19 or not, or those who are just waiting to die, the percentage of those people who are said to have died from CoVID-19 is 65.3% of the total number of deaths from CoVID-19 [5 ]. This means that more than 60% of the deaths said to be due to CoVID-19 occur at ages that have passed life expectancy. From the world data, it was found that 99% gave only mild symptoms, only 1% were severe [4].

If the New York City data is used as a benchmark, and the mortality rate for people who have exceeded their life expectancy (according to their respective countries) is not taken into account, then the death rate from CoVID-19 is actually not more than 1.5% (1.13 %). Not 3.23%. Because people who have passed their life expectancy should be excluded from the calculation.

The conclusion from all the data above is that the world death rate due to CoVID-19, maybe only 1.13% or even less, if the theory of CoVID-19 is a disease of 1000 faces is not used as a reference by doctors around the world. 81% of CoVID-19 infections have only mild symptoms (even 99% according to the world data). 40-50% of those infected with CoVID-19 have no symptoms at all. Clinical symptoms due to CoVID-19, which occurred in old age (> 60 years) turned out to be 82% asymptomatic and mild symptoms without respiratory problems or shortness of breath (even though most of them have comorbid). So it becomes a big question for us why people who are not included in the old age category based on WHO criteria (50 – 60 years), or even younger than that, are diagnosed with CoVID-19 death. Moreover, if they have no comorbid. Or it seems that the cause of this world’s car stagnating is not because of a flat tire but because the driver is suffering from vertigo.

For the reasons above, the name Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, is not suitable to be given to the Corona virus that causes CoVID-19. After all, this Corona virus has the same sub-genus as the Corona virus which causes SARS and MERS. In both diseases the words Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome can be given. The corona virus that caused SARS (2002-2004), the mortality rate was high at around 9.3% (913 deaths from 8,437 cases) [6]. Likewise with MERS, the deaths that occurred were 854 people from 2,494 cases (34.4%) [7]. So logically the Corona virus that causes CoVID-19 is just called CoV-2 Wuhan. Because in Wuhan, China, the CoVID-19 case started.

With all the explanation above, it can be concluded that CoVID-19 is just a worm-level disease. Then why do all the inhabitants of the earth make it a very frightening dragon-level disease?

In my opinion the reasons are as follows:

  1. Pathogenesis taught by international journals (without denial from WHO) followed by doctors worldwide. The teaching in question is that CoVID-19 can cause all kinds of diseases or the thousand faces disease or great imitator disease. And CoVID-19 can cause damage to many organs, due to cytokine storms. These kinds of understandings are being disseminated by the mass media and doctors around the world. [8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16]
  2. Massively exposure by the mainstream mass media around the world regarding the deaths caused by CoVID-19. In fact, the total number of deaths logically as stated above is probably not more than 1.5%. It could even be much less than that.

Refutation against the pathogenesis of CoVID-19 as exposed in international journals.

What is the pathogenesis of CoVID-19?

Viruses are micro-organisms that require living cells from humans to proliferate [17,18]. The living cell must be able to support the virus so that it can replicate in these cells. Such cells are called permissive cells [19]. In addition, these cells must have receptors so that the virus can enter these cells. Permissive cells having receptors against the viruses are the target cells of the virus [20]

A virus can enter cells, because of the receptors. But it is not certain that the virus can live and then replicate in the cell. That is the so-called tropisms nature of the virus. [21-22]

On that basis, what needs to be found first is where the target cells of the CoV2 Wuhan virus are. Not the receptors. For example in HIV virus. Receptor sites for the virus are found in T helper lymphocytes (CD4), B lymphocytes, macrophage cells, dendritic cells, and granulocyte cells [23]. But the target cells or cells where the virus can live and replicate well are CD4 cells.

ACE2 is called the receptor from living human cells that causes the CoV2 Wuhan virus to enter cells. [8,10] although ACE2 is not part of these cells. ACE2 is an enzyme attached to the cell surface of certain organs and functions to detect blood flow and electrolytes in these cells. The ACE2 enzyme is found in endopelous cells of arterial and venous blood vessels, cells of the respiratory tract, kidneys, digestive tract, skin, heart, testes, and brain. [24,25,26]. But based on the nature of the tropism of the virus as exemplified in the HIV virus, it is not certain that the virus can replicate in cells having ACE2 on the surface of the cell membrane. Therefore, claiming that a virus can certainly replicate in the cells of the organs having ACE2 on their surface is an absolute mistake.

Where are the target cells of the CoV2 Wuhan virus?

The journal states that the pathogenesis of CoVID-19 is identical to SARS or MERS disease [27,28]. To equate the pathogenesis of CoVID-19 with SARS or MERS is wrong in my view. Because the deaths caused by CoVID-19 were much less than SARS, and MERS was even less. And what is even more incomprehensible is that the pathophysiology of CoVID-19 is so frightening to say that CoVID-19 is the thousand faces disease or causes damage to many organs as a result of cytokine storms.

The target cells of SARS CoV that cause SARS / MERS are human alveolar type 2. [29] Human alveolar type 2 is the epithelial cell of the airway which is directly adjacent to the alveoli. Also called pneumocystis 2 cells. [30,31] This means that the target cells of SARS CoV are in the lower respiratory tract and are close to the alveoli. So it can be understood if SARS CoV or MERS-CoV can cause ARDS and the death of an infected person. Because in addition to being close to the alveoli, (which allows the virus to easily immigrate into the alveoli), damage to pneumocystis 2 will cause pneumocystis 2 to fail to replace damaged alveoli cells and maintain tension between the alveoli with oxygen [30,31]. Based on research, ACE 2 makes it easier for SARS CoV to enter the pneumocystis 2 cells. [32,33,34]

What about the CoV 2 Wuhan infection?

Based on the worldmeter data that 99% of CoV 2 Wuhan only causes mild clinical symptoms, it is unacceptable if the CoV 2 Wuhan infection also has target cells in pneumocystis 2.

Until now, the transmission that can infect humans according to WHO is through droplet infection. [35] So with the majority of infections giving only mild clinical symptoms and such modes of transmission, it is logical that the target cells of CoV 2 Wuhan were cells in the upper respiratory tract (cilia cells or Goblet cells).

It turns out that based on the research of Waradon Sungnak et al, with micro-organisms that resemble CoV 2 Wuhan, it was reported that ACE 2 and innate cells (virus killer) were mostly found in the nasal epithelium, especially in the Goblet cell cluster. [36]

On the other hand, Hamming et al’s study in SARS patients found ACE 2 in the basal goblet cells of the upper airway. But ACE 2 was not found on the membrane surface of the upper airway cells (Goblet cells). ACE 2 is mainly found on the membrane surface of the epithelial cells of the lower respiratory tract and alveoli. [24]

So based on the studies that have been done, it is clear to us that equating the pathogenesis of CoVID-19 with SARS or MERS is a big mistake. The target cells of Wuhan’s CoV 2 are Goblet cells in the upper airway. Meanwhile, the target cells of SARS CoV are alveolar cells type 2 or pneumocystis type 2 cells. [24, 28, 29, 36]

What about the research of Soeren Lukassen et al which states that it is possible that the target cells from CoV 2 Wuhan are in the lower airway, namely in Goblet cells in the bronchioles or even in alveolar cells? [37]

As noted above, SARS CoV has target cells in alveolar type 2 or pneumocyst type 2 cells. Because ACE 2 is found on the surface of these cells. [28,29] However, ACE 2 is not found on the epithelial membrane surface of Goblet cells in the upper airway. Although ACE 2 is actually still found in the basal layer of these Goblet cells. [24] Even if it is found in cells in the upper respiratory tract, they are a few numbers only. [28]

Soeren Lukassen et al’s research on Wuhan CoV2 infection indeed found that many ACE2s were found in Goblet cells in the lower respiratory tract, even in the alveoli. The cell membranes also support the entry of viruses into these cells. Unfortunately the study did not examine how ACE 2 and TMPRSS 2 were present on goblet cells in the upper airway. If Soeren Lukassen et al. performed an examination of the goblet cells of the upper airway, they might get the same results as Waradon Sungnak et al. [36] where in the study of Waradon Sungnak et al, it was found that ACE 2 in CoV2 Wuhan infection was mainly seen in goblet cells in the upper respiratory tract. And the research has high accuracy, because it also found innate cells which are abundant in goblet cells in the upper airway. It is one thing showing that in the upper airway of goblet cells, an active immunological reaction occurs due to the accumulation of CoV2 Wuhan.

What about Mason’s article stating that Wuhan CoV2 target cells, are not in the upper airway cells, but in the lower respiratory tract cells or pneumokist type 2? [28]

Mason referred his writings to the SARS CoV in vitro study. Not CoV 2 Wuhan. As noted above, ACE 2 is not found on the surface of the upper airway cell membrane. [24] Even Mason admits that ACE 2 is present in the upper airway cells only a little. If Mason uses a virus that resembles CoV 2 Wuhan, as was done by Wardon Sungnak et al, then it is believed that the results obtained will be the same as the research of Wardon Sungnak et al.

Referring to the information above, it is evident that the target cells from CoV 2 Wuhan are Goblet cells in the upper respiratory tract. Starting from there, then the physiological disorders (pathophysiology) of humans infected with CoV2 Wuhan occur.

It is wrong to say that the pathophysiology is based on or begins with CoV2 Wuhan in the blood. A fundamental mistake like that caused the CoV 2 Wuhan infection, which only gave worm-level symptoms, turned into dragon-level. This is because they are based on research conducted by Linlin Bao et al. [38]

Linlin Bao et al informed the results that SARS CoV 2 Wuhan in mice, was able to enter the cells of organs that have ACE 2 on the surface of their cell membranes.

Will the same thing happen to humans?

CoV2 Wuhan enters the human body, through droplet infection. But Linlin Bao et al introduced CoV 2 Wuhan into mice by injecting the virus into the mice (although it was not stated in the study that they injected CoV 2 Wuhan into the mice).

Something that is difficult to happen to humans, if CoV 2 Wuhan is able to enter the blood. Even just getting down to the lower airway is already difficult. Because our immunity will destroy CoV 2 Wuhan when the viruses are in the upper respiratory tract.

In my view, Linlin Bao et al’s research only shows the fact that CoV 2 Wuhan will easily enter cells if the ACE 2 enzyme is on the surface of the cell.

On the basis that CoV 2 Wuhan is difficult to reach the blood, a large immune complex and complementary activity from the body does not occur. This is different from Dengue virus infection which goes directly to the blood. The immune complex in dengue virus infection can spread widely in the blood circulation. [39] This will lead to activation of the complement in the body. [40]

As a result of the widespread immune complex and activation of complement, a cytokine storm occurs. (IL-1, IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-12, IL-13, IL-15, IL-18, IFN-y, TNF -α, TGF-β, CXCL-10, CXCL-11, MIP-1β, MCP1, GM-CSF). [41, 42,43]

With such cytokine storms, multiple organ damage is a common thing in dengue infection. [44, 45, 46,47] On that basis, to say that dengue infection is a mild disease, is very unreasonable. Many of the damaged organs are actually caused by dengue infection. But they said it wasn’t because of Dengue infection. Dengue infection is what deserves the title of the thousand faces disease or the great imitator disease.

It is interesting that WHO and the journal authors, believe in research showing that CoV 2 Wuhan infection produces a heavy reaction from the body by releasing a large number of cytokines. Even calling it a cytokine storm.

The cytokines released by the body due to CoV 2 Wuhan infection are believed to exceed the cytokines caused by SARS CoV or MERS CoV. Even though SARS or MERS disease causes more deaths. [11, 12, 13, 48, 49]

The basis for suggesting the occurrence of cytokine storms from CoV 2 Wuhan infection, as far as I have observed in journals, is citing research by Chaolin et al. [49] Huang said that the cytokines released in CoV 2 Wuhan infection are (IL-2, IL-7, IL-10, GSCF, IP-10, MCP-1, MIP-1A, TNF-α, IL-1B, IL-1RA-IL-8, IL-10, FGF, GCSF, MCSF, IFN-y, MIP-1B, PDGF, IL-5, IL-12 P-70, IL-15, Eutaxin, RANTES, IL-2 ).

The question is, how a cytokine storm will occur against CoV 2 Wuhan infection, if the viruses mainly accumulated in the goblet cells of the upper airway. Even if the virus passes into the lower respiratory tract, the number of cytokines that comes out is more or less the same as the cytokines released due to SARS CoV / MERS CoV infection.

SARS CoV cytokines: IFN-y, IL-4, IL-10, IL-1B, IL-6, IL-12, IL-8, MCP1, IP-10, TNF-α, MIP-1α [48]

MERS CoV cytokines: TNF-α, IL-6, IFN-y, IL-12, IFN- λ, CXCL-10, CCL-2, CCL-3, IL-8, MCP-1, IL-10, MIP- 1α, IL-15, IL-17, IFN-α, IFN-β [48]

When we refer to the research conducted by Linlin Bao et al., The release of a large number of cytokines, as reported by Chaolin et al., becomes a big question. Because of Linlin Bao et al’s research, in their report, although CoV 2 Wuhan can enter or be found in lung, kidney, intestinal, myocardium, cerebral and testicular cells, after injection of CoV 2 Wuhan in mice, severe damage only occurs on the respiratory tract or lower airway. Namely in the epithelium of the bronchioles and alveolar cells. Whereas in the cells of other organs, there were no significant histopathological changes. [38] Further elaboration of this fact is that cytokine storms should not occur. The maximum cytokines released by the body due to CoVID-19 are only comparable to SARS / MERS. Even though the cytokines released in SARS / MERS are not said to be cytokine storms.

Apart from these things, there are no reports from journals about the existence of a widespread immune complex in the circulation, as a result of CoV 2 Wuhan infection. Likewise with the number of complement that was activated. As a result of the absence of these two things, it raises the question of whether a cytokine storm might occur in the CoV2 Wuhan infection.

In the text book, it is possible to activate complement without having to have an antigen and antibody complex (alternative pathways and lectin pathways) [50,51]. And with the activation of these complement, it will trigger the release of cytokines. CoV2 Wuhan is said to be able to do that because the pathogenetic nature of CoV2 Wuhan, as noted earlier, is considered identical to SARS-CoV.

In mice inhaled by SARS CoV virus, there was activation of C3, C3A, C5A complement [52,53]. In fact, because ACE 2 is also found on the surface of the endothelial cell membrane of arteries and veins, as well as other body organs, even classical pathways such as what occurs in dengue infection can also occur in this CoV 2 Wuhan infection. Thus a broad antigen-antibody complex will occur in CoV 2 Wuhan patients who experience severe clinical symptoms, such as ARDS. That is the hypothesis why cytokine storms can occur in CoV 2 Wuhan infection [54]

As was written beforehand that the permissive cells and tropismic properties of CoV 2 Wuhan, aided by the research that has been done, have shown that the target cells of CoV 2 Wuhan are goblet cells in the upper respiratory tract. The fact also shows that 99% of clinical symptoms are mild symptoms. Mortality also occur, mostly at old age or those who have passed the limit of their life expectancy. (based on COVID-19 data in New York, USA). Thus the facts support that the target cells of CoV 2 Wuhan are located in the goblet cells of the upper airway. Linlin Bao’s research also states that there is no significant damage to organs that have ACE 2 on their cell surfaces, except for the respiratory tract. On the basis of all that, it is unacceptable to claim that the pathogenesis of CoV 2 Wuhan is identical to that of SARS CoV so that it allows for a widespread antigen-antibody complex to occur and the activation of many complements. Moreover, it is also un acceptable to say that a large circulating immune complex, which will activate the classical complement pathway, will occur in CoV 2 Wuhan infection. The denial that the pathogenesis of CoV 2 Wuhan is identical to SARS CoV has also been previously stated.

With the belief that the target cells of CoV 2 Wuhan are Goblet cells of the upper airway and the absence of a cytokine storm, all the horror caused by CoVID-19 should not be accepted or the CoVID-19 problem is resolved.

CoVID-19, is not the thousand facies diseases or great imitator diseases, and there is no need to be afraid because it does not cause cytokine storms. CoVID-19 is just a mild disease, on the same level as Influenza. Influenza will not kill a patient infected with the HIV virus. It turned out that this was also the case for patients who were HIV positive and infected with CoVID-19. Even though the patient infected with the HIV virus did not receive good treatment for the HIV virus itself. [55]

With all the above explanations, all deaths allegedly caused by CoVID-19 cannot be accepted. Including the death of people who have passed their life expectancy (elderly people / those who are just waiting to die). If even people who are infected with the HIV virus, and are not properly treated for their HIV virus, can still survive the attack of CoVID-19, then logically, the same will happen to people who have passed their life expectancy . If they have died and at the time of testing for CoVID-19 they are positive, it is not because of CoVID-19. But because of other chronic diseases that have been found in the elderly. The presence of a bacterial infection should always be taken into account as a cause of death, rather than CoVID-19.

CoVID-19 can only be considered as a cause of death in elderly people when the viral load that enters the respiratory system is very high. For example, if he was in the city of Wuhan when CoVID-19 had just occurred. Or 2-3 months after the CoVID-19 pandemic (until April 2020). Where, at that time, it was found that a significant number of elderly people died almost simultaneously throughout the world. Only then can CoVID-19 be said to have a high viral load. Whereas at the present time we do not find a significant number of elderly people who died simultaneously. What you get is an increase in positive CoVID-19 test results. Due to increased activity of a country to check throat swabs in its people. And that does not indicate a high viral load. Or in other words, a new pandemic is unacceptable.

With proving that the target cells for CoV 2 Wuhan are in Goblet cells of the upper respiratory tract and the rejection of claims for cytokine storms due to CoV 2 infection in Wuhan, no significant damage was found in kidney, heart, cerebral, intertinal cells, except for cells- respiratory cells, then all journals stating that CoV 2 Wuhan can cause damage to multiple human organs cannot be accepted. [8, 9, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60], or all of the deaths that are said to be due to organ disturbances outside the respiratory tract were not due to CoVID-19. However, CoVID-19 with severe respiratory tract disorders is only possible as a result of CoVID-19 if the respiratory disorder occurs in people who have passed their life expectancy and in areas of high viral load as described above.

On the basis of pathogenesis, as stated above, if there is a death case that is considered by COVID-19, it is due to severe damage to the lungs. It turns out that research by doing biopsy on patients who died from CoVID-19 also proved the same thing. [61] The biopsy results showed damage to organs outside the lungs was caused by chronic disease of these organs. [61] Another possibility is that damage outside the lung organs is a secondary manifestation of pulmonary damage. [61] In other words, the presence of DIC, increased fibrinogen and other coagulation disorders, is secondary due to pulmonary disorders.

The case in article 62 is a good subject for discussion. Is his death due to CoVID-19 and HIV or because of other diseases. [62] On the basis of all that has been written above, the cause of death is due to multi-organ failure, not caused by CoVID-19 and HIV. But it is more likely that the death was caused by a combination of dengue infection with bacterial infection and HIV. [62] If this way of thinking becomes a guideline for doctors around the world, then the alleged mortality of CoVID-19 will decrease dramatically. Although the number of positive throat swabs has multiplied.

By proving that the target cells of CoV 2 Wuhan are goblet cells of the upper airway, then what WHO believes, is that transmission of COVID-19, only through droplet infection, can be accepted. That means aerosol or airbone transmission only has a weak force to cause someone to contract COVID-19. Except the surrounding air is full of CoV 2 Wuhan. For example, if a virus laboratory leak occurred.

If aerosol and airborne transmission only has weak strength, then transmission through the eyes, skin, sexual contact, etc., is even weaker. Or it can be said that it is impossible. Thus, the protocol for the corpse in COVID-19 and the use of complete PPE when examining COVID-19 patients is not needed

Based on all the explanations above, therapy in COVID-19 patients is symptomatic only. The administration of immunosuppressive doses of chloroquin, dexamethasone and methylprednisolone, anti-cancer drugs (tocilluzumab) and various antiviral drugs such as rendesvir, lopinavir, ritonavir, and other antiviral drugs is useless.

Indeed, various research results were obtained, showing whether the drug was useful or not. But based on the theory that a person’s antibodies determine whether the person is sick or not against CoV 2 Wuhan infection and it is proven that the CoV 2 Wuhan target cells are located in Goblet cells in the upper respiratory tract and there is no reason to state that CoV 2 Wuhan causes a cytokine storm, then journals stating that the drugs listed above are useless are more acceptable. [63,64,65,66,67,68,69]

It is incomprehensible that the fear of a cytokine storm has led experts to recommend administering immunosuppressive doses of drugs such as dexamethasone or methylprednisolone. It even provides anti-cancer drugs. [70,71,72]

Corticosteroid administration in sepsis and septic shock is a good example of comparison. In sepsis or septic shock, immunosuppressive doses of corticosteroids are not useful. [73] So the virus or the bacteria should be killed. It is not the release of cytokines that must be suppressed. Because suppressing the release of cytokines means suppressing our immune system against these microbes.

The administration of immunosuppressive doses of corticosteroids has been confirmed to be useful only in hypersensitivity or autoimmune reactions. Therefore, Waly et all proposed giving high doses of corticosteroids or immunosuppressive doses after trying to prove that the pathogenesis of dengue infection is not due to viral malignancy as stated by Gubler or Halsteid, but because of the type III hypersensitivity reaction. [74,75]

CoVID-19 Vaccination

As previously stated, CoVID-19 provides only mild symptoms and does not cause cytokine storms. All deaths attributed to CoVID-19 were unacceptable except for people who had passed their life expectancy and had a high viral load.

On that basis, it becomes a question whether the entire population of the earth should be vaccinated against CoVID-19 (even though it must be admitted that CoVID-19 has infected the whole world)

In the author’s view, CoVID-19 vaccination, for the entire population of the earth, is only carried out if it is not only contagious but also causes many deaths of the earth’s population. With the evidence in this article that CoVID-19 is a worm-level disease, the enlargement of CoVID-19 to dragon level is due to the blasts of the mass media. Especially the mainstream mass media in the United States (which were later imitated by mainstream media around the world). The author has also answered, especially when the US mainstream media exposed the massive death toll of the American people due to CoVID-19, which has passed 100,000 people. Where the number of reported deaths has reached 104,542 people (30 May 2020). But according to the authors, the maximum pure death toll is only 12,658 people (12.1% of what is claimed by world data and the mass media). [76] Or just 0.6% of the total CoVID-19 cases on May 30, 2020, which totaled 1,836,298 people. Or the mortality equivalent to death from Influenza is less than 1% [13]. On that basis, the death rate due to bacterial or other viral infections such as dengue and other chronic diseases must be prioritized as a cause of death rather than CoVID-19.

If we ignore all that mess and get the CoVID-19 vaccination, is it effective?

In the author’s opinion, a vaccine is said to be effective if the percentage of people who have been vaccinated and do not suffer from the disease anymore, according to the vaccine, exceeds 60%. And for at least 3 consecutive years, the person does not suffer from the vaccinated disease. For example, Influenza vaccination. If more than 60% of people vaccinated against Influenza for 3 consecutive years do not experience flu symptoms, then the Influenza vaccination is said to be effective.

It turns out that the average success each year (2004-2017) is only 40.84%. [77] In fact, there were only 10% success, namely in 2004. [77] Or 90% of those who received the Influenza vaccine, still suffered from flu symptoms in 2004. [77]

For me, this is a failure. The reason is that this failure is the result of a change in the type of virus, because during the production there is a growth disorder in the egg or indeed the virus that comes to the community has undergone a change in type (not because of a virus growth disorder), or the failure is due to the patient’s poor condition at the time of catching the cold, all of which is unacceptable. [78]

Eliminating the failure by stating the reduced number of patients admitted to the ICU and admitted to hospital due to influenza is also unacceptable. [78] Because it could be, it is not because of the effect of the vaccine, but because of the good immunity of a person’s body due to changes in their lifestyle and nutrition. Or even the decrease in the number of flu patients is because some of these people have already died. Namely, elderly people who get Influenza vaccination.

The most unacceptable thing is to state that flu occurs not because of the failure of the Influenza vaccination. But because of other viruses that are in the upper respiratory tract (flu like syndrome). Because flu symptoms due to the Influenza virus are only 20% of flu like syndrome. [79] If only 20% are caused by the Influenza virus, then the recommendation for Influenza vaccination, should not be implemented. Because it is only 1/5 chance, the person will be unlikely to catch the flu. And the possibility will be even smaller, if the Influenza virus changes its type every year.

Regardless, to my knowledge, theoretically, the Influenza vaccination is useless. Or those who are vaccinated, will still give flu symptoms, regardless of whether the vaccine and the virus match. Or the virus does not change type.

Influenza vaccine by injection, will indeed create memory, against the virus that will re-infect (according to the vaccine). It will create memory B lymphocytes and memory T lymphocytes that can last a long time. However, the formation of IgM and IgG, does not have much effect on viral infections of the upper respiratory tract. The one that works the most there is IgA. And in the cells of the upper airway, there are already own plasma cells or local plasma cells, which will form IgA, IgG and IgM. [51] Or memory B lymphocytes are less required to form IgA. This local destruction of plasma cells can lead to IgA deficiency, even though the IgG and IgM produced by memory B lymphocytes are normal. [80]

The function of IgA is to prevent the entry of the virus into target cells in the upper airway. In addition, it also spurs the destruction of viruses by innate cells. IgA is also able to bind to anti-genes to be destroyed by macrophages. IgA is primarily responsible for destroying viruses in the upper respiratory tract (not IgG and IgM). It is possible, IgG and IgM, to be found in the mucosa of the upper (extra vascular) airway [51]. But in small amounts and their function is to help the function of IgA. [51,81,82]

Meanwhile, memory T lymphocytes will indeed accelerate cytotoxic T lymphocytes to kill the influenza virus in cells through the ADCC mechanism. Although it is useful, the task has actually been carried out by the inate Natural Killer cells which can kill the Influenza virus inside and outside the cell.

In practice, Influenza vaccination is considered successful if there is a significant increase in cytotoxic IgG and T lymphocytes after injection. [83] But based on what has been explained previously, it cannot prevent a person from being protected from the Influenza virus attack. Because the most important things needed to destroy the Influenza virus are IgA and Natural Killer cells.

The best way to administer vaccinations is actually tailored to how the virus enters the human body. [51] Therefore the best way is with intra-nasal aerosols. But this method is difficult to produce memory B lymphocytes and memory T lymphocytes that can last long. The memory ability formed by intra-nasal way is short, approximately only two months. [51]

The conclusion of this Influenza vaccination is that with the same virus or viruses that do not change in type, it turns out that the Influenza vaccination does not provide protection from flu attacks in people who have been given the Influenza vaccine.

What about the CoVID-19 vaccination?

The clinical symptoms of CoVID-19 are mostly the same as those of Influenza. CoVID-19 target cells, also located in the upper airway. Severe damage to the lungs and other organs is also difficult. Therefore, it is rational to take the analogy of the Influenza vaccination with CoVID-19.

Based on the foregoing, CoVID-19 vaccination cannot protect a person from repeated CoVID-19 attacks. Moreover, if someday, the CoV 2 Wuhan virus often changes in type, like the Influenza virus. Thus, whether vaccinated or not, a person can experience repeated attacks of CoVID-19. But it’s nothing to worry about. Because the CoVID-19 attack is just a light attack. Like influenza or other microbes that cause symptoms of ARI. There is no cytokine storm as noted earlier. If the CoV 2 Wuhan mutates, so that it can destroy the lungs, then that means the CoV 2 Wuhan has turned into SARS-CoV or MERS-CoV or maybe the RNA virus found on the RT-PCR examination is actually SARS-CoV or MERS-CoV. This means that the vaccine being sought is a vaccine against SARS-CoV or MERS-CoV. One thing that has not been successful until now.

The possibility of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) as in dengue infection is unlikely. [84] Although it is possible that someday there will be various types of CoV 2 Wuhan. The presence of non-neotralizing antibodies in the blood circulation is not possible. Because the target cells of the dengue virus are in the upper airway. Also because CoV 2 Wuhan transmission occurs through droplet infection. Meanwhile, the ADE mechanism in the upper airway is also unlikely. Because what works there is IgA. Even if, IgA fails to neutralize CoV-2 Wuhan type B due to neutralizing antibodies reacting to CoV 2 Wuhan type A, causing the number of Goblet cells in the upper airway to be damaged, and this has an impact on CoV 2 Wuhan type B moving down into the lower airway or lung alveolus, then the CoV-2 Wuhan type B has changed to SARS-CoV, or MERS-CoV. Or it is necessary to suspect that the RNA virus examined by RT-PCR is actually SARS-CoV or MERS-CoV (not CoV 2 Wuhan type B).

With all that has been stated above, it is impossible for Herd Imunity to happen. Immunity and death to a person as a result of hanging out in a crowd is unlikely. Immunity does not occur because of the droplet infection from CoV-2 Wuhan, but will only cause memory B lymphocytes and memory T lymphocytes to last for only two months. After that, the person can be infected with CoV 2 Wuhan again. IgM and IgG may be present in circulating blood as was found by Huan Ma et al. [85] But these IgMs and IgGs do not cause the person to become protected from CoV 2 Wuhan infection. Because the most important role in CoV 2 Wuhan infection is IgA which is formed by local plasma cells found in the upper airway and Natural Killer cells (as described above). So that the presence of positive IgG and positive IgM, which is analogous to a positive rapid test, is not a scary thing. It doesn’t matter whether the person is symptomatic or not.

As stated earlier, death did not occur due to CoV 2 Wuhan infection, since it only gave mild symptoms, according to reasons. IgM and IgG will be the main antibodies against the CoV 2 Wuhan virus, if the CoV 2 Wuhan has reached the lungs. In such severe circumstances, the authors agree that convalescent plasma administration will give the same results as SARS CoV or MERS CoV [86].

Conclusions and Expectations after Reading This Article

It is not a flat tire that causes this world’s car to stagnate, but a driver suffering from vertigo that causes it to happen. It is this misconception about CoVID-19 that must be corrected.

The clinical symptoms of CoVID-19, 99% are only mild symptoms. Because the target cells are found in Goblet cells in the upper respiratory tract. Therefore, it is difficult for CoVID-19 to cause damage and problem to the lungs. Unlike the case with SARS CoV and MERS CoV. The target cells are located in the lower airway, namely the pneumokist-2 cells, which are directly adjacent to the alveoli. Therefore SARS CoV and MERS CoV easily cause damage or problem to the lungs. For that reason, the correct name for the virus that causes CoVID-19 is not Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 2 (SARS CoV 2), but Corona Virus 2 Wuhan. In accordance with the origin of this CoVID-19.

There was no cytokine storm due to this CoV 2 Wuhan infection. Because the maximum level of interference created by the CoV 2 Wuhan is like SARS CoV or MERS CoV. So the maximum number of cytokines produced by CoV-2 Wuhan is as much as the cytokines produced by SARS CoV or MERS CoV.

Stating that CoV 2 Wuhan can attack the heart, kidneys, brain, gastrointestinal tract, etc. is unacceptable. Because this is based on research on injecting CoV 2 Wuhan into mice. So that CoV-2 Wuhan can be directly in the blood. On the other hand, CoV 2 Wuhan enters the human body through the upper respiratory tract. Namely through droplet infections.

The permissive nature of human receptor cells and tropisms of the virus, causes CoV 2 Wuhan to only live in Goblet cells of the upper respiratory tract (although ACE-2 can cause the entry of CoV 2 Wuhan into all cells from organs containing ACE-2 on the surface). The absence of significant histopathological damage to organs in the human body (although CoV 2 Wuhan can enter body), proves that CoV 2 Wuhan is not a thousand faces disease. With no evidence of damage to these organs after the infection of CoV 2 Wuhan, this has resulted in a large immune complex not occurring. So that there is no cytokine storm. Or the maximum cytokines produced in CoV 2 Wuhan infection are equivalent to SARS-CoV or MERS-CoV as mentioned above. Based on that condition, all the cytokine storm that could otherwise occur due to a CoV 2 Wuhan infection, unacceptable

If people are aware of the pathogenesis and pathophysiology, then life in the world must return to normal as usual. No need for massive examinations to look for people affected by CoVID-19. Wear a mask or not it’s up to the person. If he’s afraid of catching a cold, please wear a mask. If not, go ahead without a mask. What is clear is that wearing a mask for hours will make a little or a lot of the CO2 that has been released is inhaled again. And this is very dangerous for elderly people. Because these people usually have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Where in COPD the main disturbance is expiration or disturbance of releasing CO2. The use of PPE level 3, when examining a positive Wuhan CoV-2 patient, is not required. Enough with a surgical mask. All children should quickly return to school and play with their friends. Because playing with friends is the main cause of the growth of children’s intelligence. With the rejection of cytokine storms and the possible damage to various organs as a result of CoVID-19 infection, death from Herd Immunity would not have occurred if they returned to school now.

The CoVID-19 pandemic, or high viral load, is no longer there. What does exist is the increasing number of people detected with positive CoVID-19, as a result of massive public examinations. It is only possible to predict a CoVID-19 pandemic, if there is a massive and almost simultaneous death of people who have passed their life expectancy. On the other hand, if HIV positive people who are not properly treated with CoVID-19 can survive attacks of CoVID-19, then it is believed that people with large numbers of comorbidities or people who have passed their life expectancy will also be able to withstand CoVID-19 attacks. .

The horror spreading in the mass media is that CoVID-19 is a deadly disease that must be stopped. This horror actually triggers the death of people who have tested positive for CoVID-19. In fact, the death was not caused by CoVID-19. But caused by bacteria, or other viruses such as the dengue virus, and the person’s chronic disease. The CoVID-19 cadaver protocol for patients who died with Wuhan CoV-2 positive throat swabs, is an abomination and must also be stopped. There are no more CoVID and non-CoVID hospitals. Such a division only leaves CoVID hospitals full and non-CoVID hospitals empty. This implies that all hospitals are CoVID hospitals. Non-CoVID hospitals were empty because people were afraid to come to the hospital. Fear of being thought to be suffering from CoVID-19 which resulted in the isolation and protocol of the CoVID-19 corpse.

There is no type of drug for CoVID-19, unless it is symptomatic only. Immunoglobulin therapy may be considered if there is severe lung damage and disorders. However, in such circumstances, it is absolutely necessary to re-examine whether the Corona virus detected by RT-PCR is Wuhan CoV-2 or SARS CoV or MERS CoV. It is recommended that every time there is severe lung damage and disorders, an optimal analysis of the possibility of other bacteria or viruses, such as the dengue virus being the cause, must be carried out.

All activities must return to normal, including the election of the president of the United States directly at the polls. Trump doesn’t have to make a CoVID-19 vaccine for this to happen. Because the memory B lymphocytes and memory T lymphocytes that are created cannot protect someone who has been vaccinated against CoVID-19, from being exposed to CoVID-19 again. IgA, which is formed by local plasma cells residing in the mucosa of the upper airway, is the main antibody that fights against Wuhan CoV-2. Memory B lymphocytes cannot properly replace the local plasma function. The function of cytotoxic T lymphocytes, which is formed by memory T lymphocytes, has generally been performed well by Natural Killer cells in the upper respiratory tract. This article is stronger than the vaccine that was forced out this October. If policy makers in the presidential election cannot deny the truth of this article, then the US people have the right to leave the house to elect their president.

May this article free all humans on earth from the punishment they made by themselves.

Aamiin ya rabbal ‘aalamiin. Aamiin ya rabbal ‘aalamiin


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