Cirebon, Indonesia October 14th 2020

To Honorable,

Policy Makers of COVID-19’s Problem

Of This Earth

Peace and blessings be upon you all,

Just like what we both have known together, US under Trump’s administration received many condemnations from international mass medias, especially from mass medias inside of US themselves. Here, I hereby send you my writing as a balancing factor regarding the statement.

May it be beneficial.


Sent to:

1.     President of USA

2.     United Nations

3.     Leaders of Organizations of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

4.     World Medical Association

5.     International Association of Moslem Scholars

6.     Indonesian Medical Association

7.     International Society of Internal Medicine

8.     Indonesian Society of Internal Medicine

9.     International Respiratory Society

10.Indonesian Society of Respirology

11.International Paediatric Association

12.Indonesian Paediatric Society

13.International Forensics Association

14.Indonesian Association of Forensics Medicine

15.Indonesian Figures & Ulama




I have read the article that was written by your editor. The main point of that is you’re blaming me for not wearing any mask. Because of that, 200.000 of US civilians has died. Because of that too, the recession has hit the US economy. All of US’ civilians are suffering.

Intelligent Editors of NEJM.

Why haven’t I died yet even when I’m not wearing mask? I left that great hospital, because I was certain that the longevity of my life was located outside of the hospital, not inside. COVID-19’s horror that was filling my head all the time was the cause of my shortness of breath.

The horror that’s saying COVID-19 as the deadly disease was certainly occurred inside of the doctors that’re examining me too. Even in all of US’ citizens head. That if they received positive COVID-19’s result then the shadow of death would then loom over their brain. My own self isolation and all of the people that came to me while wearing terrifying getup would only strengthen my anxiety. All of the people that came to me covered all their body including their own eyes! It seems like I was a very scary creature to them. Much more terrifying than people who suffered from leper in Jesus’ time. All of those things combined are what makes my chest feels a little bit tight.

In my opinion, those things that I said above are what make someone that may appear without symptoms or only suffering from cold-like symptoms and being isolated in hospital, their condition will quickly worsen instead. No matter how much older I am compared to them and for them to not have any chronic disease, unlike me. I also don’t understand, why I was being given drugs that will supress my immunity instead, just like dexamethasone and monoclonal antibodies regiment. Just like what I read in books (after I got those drugs). Even though my symptoms are mild at best. A mild chest tightness and fever. That shortness of breath was not caused by virus in my lung. But because of the shadow of death in my brain that was worsened by the situation of my isolation in the hospital.

Ladies and gentlemen, intelligent Editors of NEJM.

I received a writing from my friend, a doctor, he said that the main fault from WHO that’s being followed by doctors worldwide is thinking that COVID-19 and SARS are alike. [1] He said that based on the references that he read, the occurrence of COVID-19 is started by the infection of upper respiratory airway’s cells. So it’s very similar to an influenza. I will not die because of influenza. The same with US citizens. Even for HIV patients, that are not undergoing HIV treatments properly, they will not die because of COVID-19 or influenza (that’s what my friend said).

On the other hand, the occurrence of deadly SARS virus, start from the infection of lower respiratory airway cells, which are close with cells from the lung. With that, it is inferred that SARS can easily cause destruction of lung and death.

Saying that there will be tremendous reaction from body that will cause various organs destruction, in my friend’s opinion, will never happen. Because that theory is based on research of COVID-19’s infection by injecting the virus directly into the body of a mice. Or the virus is directly available inside of the mice’s blood. On the other hand, the entry of virus into our body is by means of droplet which will have to pass through our respiratory system. So, the symptoms will be like regular flu. And it will not going to destroy our lung especially it will not going to harm other organs inside of our body.

So in short, I agree with the advice that I received from my friend to erase the word SARS from the virus that is causing COVID-19. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 2 (SARS COV 2), I agree to change it into Corona Virus 2 Wuhan (COV 2 Wuhan). The word Wuhan has to be there in the virus’ name as a history note for our grandchildren hundreds of years into the future. That there was indeed a corona virus pandemic that was once running amok in this world and it was started in Wuhan city of China.

Brothers and sisters, intelligent Editors of NEJM..

For the next time if we’re discussing about COVID-19, please you all discuss it with my friend. Now, we discuss with numbers, are the accusations of US under my administration, neglecting the prevention of COVID-19. Even you said that under my rule US is the worst country in terms of COVID-19’s management and prevention.

You said that positive COVID-19’s number in US, where there are more than 7 million lives and the death of more than 200.000 people is the worst in the world. You prefer to compare it with China. I am of the same opinion with some people that said whatever comes from China, we need to be wary of it. The same with what my doctor friend has said. With his wariness he can find the ambiguity of researches that come from Chinese journals.

Because of that, let’s take a look at India. A country that has almost the same population as China.

India has positive count of 7.037.694 people. COVID test that has been done totalled to be 85.798.698 (6,26% from India’s total population of 1.383.715.576 people). While It has 108.047 of death in total. [2]

What of US?

Our citizens with the total of 331.536.904, around 35.19% of them (116.686.998) has been examined. Or with our examination 5,67 times greater than India. With the linear equation, then if India tested 35,19% of its total population then the probability of Indian’s people being infected by COVID-19 is 5,67 x 7.037.694 which is 39.904.000 people. Much greater than in USA which amounted to only 7.912.262 people. The same with the dead toll. If India was testing out 35,19% of its total population, then linearly we could estimate the death toll to reach 5,67 x 108.047 = 612.626 lives. The death toll would be much much higher than US which totalled to be 218.878 lives.

With that as a basic, is it okay to say that India is the worst in the world, in terms of COVID-19’s management? Because India has 39.904.000 people infected with COVID-19 and 612.626 deaths. Using NEJM’s way of thinking it’s clear as day India should be the worst in the world instead of US.

If we take a look at the percentage, then 39.904.000 people it only amounted to 2,88% of total Indian population. Meanwhile 612.626 people is comprising of 0,000442 or 442/million of Indian people died because of COVID-19. While, data from US 7.912.262 people is equal to 2,38% of total US population (lower than what we have in India). Whereas death toll of 218.878 means 0,000660 or 660 lives/million of US citizens died due to COVID-19 (a little bit higher than India).

We take a look at those data, it is indeed 7 millions statistically doesn’t mean anything compared to 39 millions of people infected by COVID-19 in India. But if we compare it in percentage there is slight difference between the two (2,88% vs 2,38%). The same with the death count of 612.626 which is attributed to COVID-19 in India, it is clearly higher than 218.878 of death count in US. But in reality if we calculate it in percentage the number will be higher in US compared to India (660/million vs 442/million lives).

With the reasoning above, saying that US is the worst in the world in terms of COVID-19’s management because of its deaths and case positivity are the highest in the world cannot be accepted. The total amount of COVID-19 examination, case positivity and the total number of populations have to be put into equation. The greater total amount doesn’t always mean the greater percentage of total population in a particular country.

On the other hand, the high number of deaths, and can be attributed to COVID-19 itself has to be questioned. It depends on the trust level of doctors toward COVID-19 theory from WHO and whether or not we count the total number of deaths in old population that already surpassed their life expectancy. If all doctors were not influenced by the thousand faces disease of COVID-19’s theory from WHO, and people that have surpassed their life expectancy are not being counted, then the that count due to COVID-19 in US is equal with influenza. Which is below 1% (± 0.6%). That’s what I read from my doctor friend’s article. [1,3]

Fellow brothers and sisters, smart NEJM editors.

With reasons above, then I hope that you will understand that your accusation towards me is baseless. The fact is, even if I was not wearing a mask, the result of COVID-19’s management was clearly shown that it’s not the worst management in the world. For people of my age-group, wearing mask will only making my breath heavier. My doctor friend even went as far as saying it might be dangerous. Because CO2 that I tried so hard to release, will eventually being sucked back by me.

We US people are not afraid of COVID-19, just like we are not afraid of influenza. US civilization should return to normal. Including in it is US presidential campaign. I’m not a leper sufferer that should be avoided just like in Jesus’ time. Whereas in other to debate about something we have to do it virtually. You and people like you are the one that made USA to fall in the first place. You all have planted a believe of COVID-19’s horror to US people and all the world’s denizens. I want all people to go out from our home and doing our activities just like we usually do. You guys are the one that want AS to be kept into confinement which in other words you are enforcing us to stay at home, period. You are the one that are ruining our economy and keeping us poor.

For me COVID-19 pandemic has been over. The reason is massive instantaneous and continuous death of elderly that have been surpassing their life expectancy is over now. The one that we are facing right now is a very strong fear. A very strong fear towards a disease comparable to influenza. A fear that was manifested by undergoing COVID-19 test as much as possible on our people and preparing for vaccination. A vaccination that by my doctor friend’s opinion is merely but a trick. Because it can’t protect us from multiple COVID-19’s attack in the future. [1]

And lastly, I warn you all honourable editors, US is the second highest in terms of testing for COVID-19, behind only Singapore. Singapore is 54% and we are 35.19%. While China, the one that you guys are proud of is only doing the test for “11,11%” of its people.

May my answer to you can make the world to be more careful towards COVID-19’s trick. Ameen.

Sent to:

  1. President of USA
  2. United Nations
  3. Leaders of Organizations of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
  4. World Medical Association
  5. International Association of Moslem Scholars
  6. Indonesian Medical Association
  7. International Society of Internal Medicine
  8. Indonesian Society of Internal Medicine
  9. International Respiratory Society
  10. Indonesian Society of Respirology
  11. International Paediatric Association
  12. Indonesian Paediatric Society
  13. International Forensics Association
  14. Indonesian Association of Forensics Medicine
  15. Indonesian Figures & Ulama

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