(Fight Against Colonization by COVID-19)

Syarif, Tgk. H. Taufiq bin Muhibbuddin bin Muhammad Waly bin Muhammad Salim bin Malin Palito, MD., Internist

            All human beings will always have fear in their hearts. Birth trauma, when humans were born from their mother’s womb, is the cause of the fear itself. Birth trauma that will always be there, even when the human was born by way of c-section.

            Because of that trauma when we were born, id Allooh appeared. (1) An urge to obey and worship something to ease the fear. Therefore, no matter how irrational it appears may be for a human to worship a stone, mountain, sea, ferocious animal, statues, or even the powerful despotic ruler. Until the appearance of Ibrahim, a smart man that worshipped only one God that he could not see and he believed that God would be able to lift that fear. (2)  In my opinion, in intellectual beings, id Allooh will finally be satiated once they are able to understand the meaning of Qur’an. (3)

                Prophet WHO use that fear. They create COVID-19 disease and add so many horror stories into it. And with the fear towards the disease, prophet WHO is destroying religious teachings around the world. Therefore, new teachings emerge in all kinds of religions, which is COVID-19 religion. Whoever againsts COVID-19 teaching, then all of them might die with multiple destruction through their entire body organ. More than that, the human that goes againsts the teaching will even suffers from chronic disease. (4,5,6,7,8,9)

            This disease is highly infectious too. Whoever is not following the teaching of prophet WHO will be under the threat of being put in jail for 2 weeks. Whether it is in their own home or inside of the hospital. In the hospital, the person will be put inside the room, alone, and everyone that comes to them will use astronaut suits (because of the fear being infected by COVID-19 from the patient). If the doctors or nurses that tending the patient were not using the astronaut suit, they would be threatened to join him for 2 weeks of jail time. Or even for months if the swab test keeps resulting in positive.

            A healthy person, without any symptoms can be put into jail for 2 weeks, just because of handshake (without gloves) with someone that is being considered as probable COVID-19 case (diagnosed as close contact). (10,11) It is often found that someone will be put into close contact category even when he was only making contact with people categorized as COVID-19 suspects. Other than shaking hands, with only having eye contact (without eyes cover), in the distance of less than 1 meter and duration of more than 15 minutes that person might be put in jail for 2 weeks. Because he is considered as someone in close contact category. (10,11) And if the person doesn’t want to do the swab test and then somehow he died while in confinement (with any cause of death, for example, severe dehydration because of diarrhea, heart attack, stroke etc), then his remain should be put into plastic bag, then coffin, being sanctified and then should be buried in haste. Because COVID-19 remains can cause any kind of bad outcomes if we were not following the protocol to the letters. The person can only be releasead from COVID-19 protocol if the cause of death has been confirmed as to not include any COVID-19 possibilities for example, trauma. (10)

            Seasonal flu, that has been affecting northern side of the world, almost all of them can be included into COVID-19 suspects or probable COVID-19 cases based on the teaching of prophet WHO. (10)   That’s the reason on why prophet WHO said that COVID-19 pandemic will hit northen part of the world really hard at the end of this year. (12) In November, almost all of western Europe underwent lockdown or partial lockdown because of COVID-19 attack (just like what WHO wanted). (13)

                For us to be freed from custody, someone categorized as COVID-19 suspect should have negative throat swab 2 times in a row. (11) The price for doing swab test in Indonesia is at least 900 thousand IDR. On the other hand, the average income of poor Indonesian citizens is only around 450 thousand IDR. (16) With that in mind, then it’s logical that those poor people will avoid themselves being tested so that they wouldn’t be caught and be put into cusody for 2 weeks. On the other hand, a certain governor in Indonesia is creating a rule, that if someone refused to undergo rapid or throat swab test or vaccination, then he would be fined 5 million IDR. (14) A unique regulation that as long as I remember does not happen in other parts of the world other than in Indonesia. 

            With what have been written above, then in order to avoid death and arrest for 2 weeks, social distancing is an obligation. Therefore, new teachings appear in the religion. One thing to make sure the appearance of new religion on this earth, which is COVID-19, is if we look at Islam. In Islam, congregational prayer should have a distance for at least 1 meter between the participants. People above 50 years old shouln’t be allowed to perform hajj or umrah. There is no religious ceremony be performed for the people died from COVID-19. People that are holding marriage, will be fined, if the invitees that come exceed the standard that has been implied in the regulation, there is no culture of kissing the hand of the parents from their kids anymore, etc. Because of the requirement to keep the distance, kids are not allowed to go to schoold and are forced to be intimate with their gadget. One thing that is avoided by Bill Gates to his own kids when they were little. (15)

                Every world’s inhabitant should wear masks as often as possible. Masks raid should be enforced. There are even regulations be made that force people to wear mask, even when driving alone in their own car.

                Moreover, in order to avoid the wrath of God COVID-19, sometimes we find people wearing masks and face covers, while playing computer alone in their room. Also they try to open the door using the body not with his hands. Washing hands and using hand sanitizers repeatedly have become obligation for all humans who live in this world. Including temperature checks, when we come to a crowded place.

            Thus, the fear of the wrath of God COVID-19, made man change his way of doing life. They follow all that the prophet WHO taught.

To reduce deaths toll due to the wrath of God COVID-19, prophet WHO demand all people on earth to be vaccinated. On the other hand, the side effects of the belief of the ferocity of COVID-19 have made some inhabitants of the earth, afraid to be vaccinated. In a survey in Indonesia of 2109 respondents with bachelor degree, 56% -70% of participants did not want to be vaccinated with vaccines that currently exist or are being developed in Indonesia (Airlangga university vaccine, Biofarma vaccine, Sinovac vaccine, and Merah Putih vaccine from the Eijkman Institute).(16)  What happened in South Korea, where 59 people died as a result of flu vaccination, adds to that fear. (17) However, the South Korean government has denied that it has anything to do with the flu vaccine they were giving.

            Because of that fear, the public asked, if there is a vaccine, then the first one that should be vaccinated first should be the state officials. Or they want to be vaccinated only if the Saudi and Egyptian clerics (ulamas) are willing to be vaccinated first. In fact, it could happen that the vaccines currently being administered are entirely slapstick vaccines. Slapstick vaccines in a sense, do not provide immunity to fight COVID-19. Or vaccination is synonymous with injecting water or vitamins. Our body feels fresher and we sleeps better after being vaccinated.

            With a vaccine like that it could happen that presidents and leaders around the world are actually volunteering, willing to be vaccinated first with those slapstick vaccines. And Saudi or Egyptian clerics create fatwas that vaccination is good for the health of the human body. All these are done because they really believe in the teachings of prophet WHO, who said that those vaccines are not joke vaccines. And prophet WHO guarantees their safety after being vaccinated. As a result of their leaders and scholars being vaccinated, billions of earth’s population will be willing to be vaccinated with the slapstick vaccines (even when the slapstick vaccines need to be repeated continuously towards earth inhabitants). Repetition can occur until the Day of Judgment arrives.

            Repetition of vaccination is scientifically understandable. Because COVID-19 is a malignant disease that is deadly and very contagious. On the other hand, the immunity, has a limited duration and the virus often mutates into other types. That’s the drama that’s about to play. A drama that would cost trillions of dollars. The drama that will turn poor and developing countries into Sudra and Pariah countries.

            Countries around the world are currently competing to make vaccine for COVID-19. There are 200 vaccines currently under study. (18) However, only 10 vaccines that are recognized and have entered WHO Phase 3 clinical trials (out of 45 vaccine candidates that have entered clinical trials). (19)

            Those vaccines are as follow:

            1. Inactivated vaccine developed by Sinovac.

            2. Inactivated vaccine developed by Wuhan Institute of Biological Products/Sinopharm.

            3. Inactivated vaccine developed by Beijing Institute of Biological Products/Sinopharm.

            4. ChAdOx1-S vaccine, which is developed by University of Oxford/AstraZeneca.

5. Ad5-nCoV vaccine, which is developed by CanSinoBiological Inc./Beijing Institute of Biotechnology.

            6. (rAd26 S+rAd5-S) vaccine, which is developed by Gamaleya Research Institute.

            7. Ad26COVS1 vaccine, which is developed by Janssen Parmaceutical Companies.

            8. Subunit protein vaccine developed by Novavax.

9. LNP-encapsulated mRNA vaccine, which is developed by Moderna/NIAID.

10. 3 LNP-mRNAs vaccine, which is developed by BioNTech/Fosun Pharma/Pfizer

I have written writings to refute the belief of the people of this world that treats COVID-19 as a malignant disease. (20) Or don’t fear it like we fear the God. The teachings of prophet WHO must absolutely be ignored. COVID-19 is just an influenza-level disease. Contagious still, but with mortality of less than 1%. The basic mistake of the teachings of the prophet WHO is to similiarize the pathogenesis of COVID-19 with that of SARS / MERS. Even making COVID-19 as the more ferocious one. Because it is reported that COVID-19 can enter the cells of almost all organs in the human body, causing damage to organs or death.

Based on literature investigations, it was found that the initial cause of this disease is from the damage of cells in the upper airway. So it’s like influenza. Even HIV patients, who are not properly treated for HIV, will not die from COVID-19. (20)

On the other hand, the occurrence of the deadly SARS disease begin with the infection of cells in the lower airway, which are close to cells in the lungs. Thus SARS will easily cause lung damage and death. (20)

Saying that there will be severe reactions from the body that can cause damage to various organs in the body, in fact, will never happen. Because the theory is based on research by injecting the virus that causes COVID-19 into mice. Or the virus is directly injected into the mice’s blood.(20) On the other hand, the entry of the virus into our bodies is through our respiration. So that the symptoms will be like the common flu. And it is impossible to damage the lungs, let alone other internal organs.

Based on such things, the author invites doctors around the world to remove the word SARS from the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS COV 2), and change it into COV-2 WUHAN. The word WUHAN needs to be included as a historical record for our children and grandchildren for the next hundreds of years. That there was a Corona virus pandemic that hit the world, and it started from the city of Wuhan, China.

There should be no more diagnosis be made that puts COVID-19 as the sole cause for someone’s death. An example for that is the case written by Elhadi et al.(21) The case of death due to multiorgan failure in that article were not caused by COVID-19 and HIV. But due to a combination of dengue infection, bacterial infection and HIV. There is no need for isolation rooms and special clothes to deal with COVID-19.

Herd Immunity or immunity towards COVID-19 will never happen. Whether naturally (through contact between humans), or artificially (through vaccination).(20)

In infections of the human respiratory tract, sIgA plays the most important role. sIgA is the one that makes neutralizing antibodies, to catch the COV 2 WUHAN virus and then the immune complex will be destroyed by macrophages. IgG and IgM, help the function of the sIgA. But both IgA or IgG and IgM which form neutralizing antibodies are all made by plasma cells or B lymphocytes which are located in the upper respiratory tract. Or in Wuhan CoV-2 infection, the most important roles are NALT (Nose Associated Lymphoid Tissues) and MALT (Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissue).(22)

     So an injection of vaccination or an attempt to create memory B lymphocytes cells, which then turn into plasma cells to form neutralizing antibodies, is completely useless in preventing damage to cells in the upper respiratory tract. Because what is stimulated is memory B lymphocytes that are in the blood. So that the main effect is to catch the virus that causes COVID-19 (COV 2 WUHAN) which is in the blood. To then be destroyed by macrophages. That function is carried out by IgM and especially IgG (because it can last longer). Likewise with memory T cells. Memory T cells that are in the blood will also be stimulated to form cytotoxic T lymphocytes, upon vaccination injection. So that if one day COV 2 WUHAN gets back into the blood, then COV 2 WUHAN inside the body’s cell will be easily destroyed.

     The problem is that it is very difficult for the virus that causes COVID-19 to reach human blood circulation. The virus will have to descend first into the lower respiratory tract, then to the lungs and then into human blood circulation. Even though before reaching the lower respiratory tract the virus has been destroyed by sIgA, natural killer cells, which are assisted by IgG and IgM and cytotoxic T lymphocytes / mucosa associated limpohoyd tissue / MALT.(22) All of which are in the upper respiratory tract. . Or the cytotoxic IgG, IgM and T lymphocytes derived from memory B lymphocytes and memory T lymphocytes that occur as a result of vaccine injection, in fact, are less useful in holding back the damage to cells in the upper respiratory tract. Or repeated infections from COVID-19 cannot be prevented.

     What should be made is a vaccine by inhalation or intranasal. However, the memory B and T lymphocytes that are formed can only last for 2 months. [23] Meanwhile, the vaccine that comes through blood (injection) can last a long time (can be years). But the drawback is that it only has an effect when COV 2 WUHAN is in the blood or lungs. It has no effect when COV 2 WUHAN is located in the mucosal cells of the lower respiratory tract, much less, if it’s at the top.

     If we keep on insisting to create a vaccine in the form of injection, the vaccine that is made must be effective, efficient and safety. Effective in the sense that the vaccine is believed to be able to prevent repeated attacks of COVID-19. Efficient in the sense that one shot of the vaccine can prevent the recurrence of COVID-19 infection for years. If we have to be vaccinated every year or every 3 months, then the vaccine is not efficient. Safety means the vaccine does not have any dangerous side effects.

     Vaccines are said to be effective if it is proven that the vaccine causes an immune response. Immune response measured by the formation of immunoglobulins M and G (especially), the presence of neutralizing antibodies, cytotoxic T cells and natural killer (NK) cells. Proof of an increase in NK cells needs to be done. Because these cells have stronger function than cytotoxic T cells. Because NK cells can kill viruses when they are outside the cells and inside the cells of the human body.(23,24) Meanwhile, cytotoxic T cells are only able to kill viruses that located inside the cells of the body organs.(23,25) Without the proof of an increase in NK cells, and also in cytotoxic T cells, vaccine research should not be able to move up to phase 3 of clinical trials.

     The existence of systemic symptoms that make you feel uncomfortable (especially fever / feeling hot), is strong evidence that what is injected is something that stimulates the emergence of immunity. Vaccine injection which only gives the same side effects as placebo injection or even add to the feeling of freshness after being vaccinated, should not be able to proceed into phase 3. Worse, if it is used as a vaccination directly. The acellular vaccine requires a more frequent booster, which can be costly. Pertussis Outbreak in Europe and America, possibly caused by the acellular DPT vaccine. Therefore developing countries should still use the old DPT vaccine (cellular vaccine).[26,27]

     Without good and correct vaccine data like what the author said above, the current vaccines are most likely categorized as slapstick vaccines. These slapstick vaccines are likely to be the ones that are being produced, rather than the real vaccine. In order to make the real vaccine, it requires sufficient viral strength so that the body’s immune reaction occurs. And it’s very dangerous. Because the COV 2 WUHAN virus vaccine injection causes the virus to enter the blood directly and then enter almost all cells in the organs of the body (horror vaccine). Because almost all cells in organs of the body have ACE 2 on the surface of their cell membranes. And it has been proven that ACE 2 facilitates the entry of the COV 2 WUHAN virus into these cells. Dozens of people who died as a result of flu vaccination that occurred in South Korea must be investigated. Are they using the vaccine from the COV 2 WUHAN virus or not.

With the basis above, I believe that the vaccines that are currently being made are just slapstick vaccines. It is necessary for them to perform booster many times, so that these slapstick vaccines may turned  out into real vaccines, in order to maintain the safety of humans who are vaccinated.

On that basis, the cost incurred by a country for COVID-19 vaccination on its population is very large and it will continue to grow. Thus, there will be more and more countries that will have to reform their caste into Sudra or Pariah countries. A more detailed explanation of what I wrote above can be read in my article entitled CoVID-19: GOD PUNISHES THE WORLD, OR THE WORLD PUNISHES ITSELF (A Discussion with International Journals).(20)

Are the 10 vaccines that have been approved by WHO to proceed into stage 3, might not be slapsticks vaccines?

Two main things that must be fulfilled by a vaccine, which are safety and effective. Safe in the sense that it does not cause dangerous side effects. And effective in the sense that it can fight COVID-19 infection. Or the person should not infected with COVID-19 anymore.

Vaccine research has 2 stages, namely the pre-clinical and clinical stages. The pre-clinical stage was carried out on experimental animals. And the clinical stage is carried out in humans and has 4 phases. Phase 1, 2, 3, 4. In all of these phases the safety and effectiveness of vaccines are always monitored.

In stage 1, the experimental animal (preclinical test) is mainly monitored for vaccine safety. If the experimental animal gets the harmful effects of the vaccine, then the vaccine cannot move up to the clinical phase, namely the human vaccine trial. In Phase 1 (clinical trials), 20-80 volunteers will be needed.[28] In this phase, the emphasis is primarily on the body’s ability to form an antibody response to vaccines. Vaccines that do not form an adequate antibody response should not progress to phase 2. In phase 2 the vaccines are given in various characteristics. The number of volunteers reached hundreds.(28) The characteristics referred to are age categories; children, young age and elderly.(29) So the priority of phase 2 is to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine when given to various age groups. Or antibody / immunogenicity response by age group. The vaccine cannot advance to phase 3, if the antibody response in the various age groups is inadequate. Phase 3 is to give the vaccine to thousands of people. So it takes a longer time. This is because phase 3 primarily monitors the safety of vaccines and their effectiveness in thousands of people.(29) The effectiveness of vaccines is no longer measured in the laboratory. But knowing, how many that have been vaccinated, but are still infected with COVID-19. In phase 3 side effects not seen in phase 2 will be seen. Phase 4 of vaccine research is to assess the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, after the vaccine has been distributed to the public.

 On the basis of what was written above, to ensure that what is being injected is something that can increase a person’s immune response to COVID-19, there should be a report from the vaccine company about the immunogeneity that occurs after the injection of the vaccine. This is particularly evident in phase 1 and later phase 2 clinical trials. Unfortunately to speed up vaccine production, the two phases are carried out simultaneously. An increase in IgG, cytotoxic T cells, natural killer cells, and a high neutralizing antibody titer indicates that what is being injected is really a vaccine. If any of the things mentioned above does not exist, then the effectiveness of the vaccine is questioned. Or the vaccine should not be continued into phase 3 clinical trials. Such vaccines in the author’s knowledge can be classified as slapstick vaccines. The emergence of heat also indicates the effectiveness of the vaccine. Without the emergence of heat in the majority of volunteers who are vaccinated, their labels as Slapstick Vaccines need to be considered.

These are 10 vaccines that have proceeded into phase 3 clinical trial:

Sinovac (inactivated vaccine, Chinese Company Sinovac, Biotech)

With an antigen at the level of a dead virus, 2 Chinese vaccines, Sinovac and SinoPharm, want to make a vaccine which can fight COVID-19. Sinovac wanted to know whether a low dose of the vaccine would still be effective or not. And also it wants to know whether the vaccine is still effective even without booster or not.

According to Sinovac experts, it is said to be effective if the vaccine can cause an IgG seroconversion response with a titer of > 1/160. While the neutralizing antibody that has an effect is when the titer is > 1: 8. Or there is an increase in titer more than 4 times compared to the initial titer. (30)

600 healthy volunteers aged 18-59 years, were given vaccine injection doses of 3 µg / 0.5 ml, 6 µg / 0.5 ml and placebo injection. Some were given a booster on the 14th day and some were given a booster on the 28th day.

It was found that there was no significant difference in side effects between those who were given the vaccine injection and those who were given the placebo injection within 7 days – 28 days after being vaccinated.(30) Likewise for volunteers who were given a booster on the 14th day or on the 28th day, after being boosted on the 14th day, the same result happened. Or it can be said that the side effects that occured such as heat, pain at the injection site and so on, were the same between 480 people who were vaccinated and 120 people who were not vaccinated (receiving placebo injection). In fact, there was no significant difference in side effects, whether they were given a booster on days 14th or 28th.

However, there was a significant difference between those who received the vaccine and those who received the placebo, if we compare the titers of IgG immunoglobulin antibody. However, there was no significant difference after booster on day 14 and those who received booster on day 28 (after booster on day 28) in volunteers who received a dose of 3 µg and 6 µg. 92.4% IgG will be seropositive on day 28th. And on the 42nd day it became 97.4%. Meanwhile, the increase in IgG titer after booster on day 14 tended to be stable until day 56, likewise those who received booster on day 28. The increase in titer was 34.5 at 6 µg and 27.6 for 3 µg (there was no significant difference). In placebo there was no increase in titer. Only Sinovac that uses titer increase as a benchmark to demonstrate the strength of the vaccine.

A significant difference only occurred in neutralizing antibody titers. All those who received a booster on the 28th day had higher neutralizing antibody titers than those who received booster on the 14th day. Those who were received booster at day 14th had a titer of 1:30. And those who received booster on the 28th day the titer was 1:60 titers (vaccine development).

Sinovac considers that this study is a phase 2 clinical trial. In fact, the phase 2 clinical trial requires an age group of those older than 60 years old. However, Sinovac dares to state that at an older age, the IgG antibody and neutralizing antibody titers have lower titers. According to Sinovac researchers, old is those over 39 years old (in this study, the old were those between 40-59 year old).(31,32)

Based on this research, Sinovac recommends giving a vaccine dose of 3 µg / 0.5 ml and booster it after 4 weeks. Especially for those over 40 year old. This vaccine is said to have ordered as many as 40 million doses by Indonesia.(33) And this vaccine is currently completing phase 3 clinical trials in Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey.


With the absence of reports about elevation of T cell cytotoxic and natural killer cells coupled with low neutralizing antibody titers, IgG antibody titers that are not up to international standards, no vaccine trials at old age (> 60 years) and side effects comparable to placebo , it is not feasible to move up to phase 3 clinical trials. What’s more, to vaccinate millions of people.

2 Sinopharm Beijing (Inactivated Vaccine, Beijing Institute)

Sinopharm Beijing wants to know the strength and safety of various doses of the vaccine, namely 2 µg, 4 µg, and 8 µg doses. As well as its effect on young people (18-59 years) and older people ≥ 60 years. Then a phase 1 research was made.With 2 injections on day 0 and day 28th.(34)

Then Sinopharm Beijing, wanted to see the strength of a dose of 8 µg (with a single dose), and 4 µg with 2 injections, namely on days 0 – 14, 0 – 21, and 0 – 28. Where the research was carried out on people of young age (18 – 59 years) / phase 2 research).(34)

The number of volunteers for phase 1 was 192 people, while for phase 2, it was 448 people. 48 people got the placebo injection in phase 1 and 122 people got the placebo injection in phase 2.

Research results in phase 1 and 2 showed that in dose of 4 µg, the neutralizing antibody titer was not much different compared to those receiving 8 µg dose, after they received 2 injections on day 0 and 28th. Monitoring on day 42nd, showed neutralizing antibody titres 1: 211.2 (4 µg) and 1: 228.7 (8 µg). Meanwhile, the side effects were less than 8 µg, both at young and old age.(34)

Seroconversion of immunoglobulin G, measured as a 4-fold increase from baseline titer. The IgG seroconversion at a dose of 4 µg occurred in 87% of young volunteers on day 14. In older volunteers, only 46% experienced seroconversion on day -14. Seroconversion increased to 100%, in young volunteers and 92% in old volunteers at day -28.

The neutralizing antibody titer after booster on the 14th day, was 169.5 on the 28th day. But if the participants received booster on the 28th day, the titer becomes 211.2 on the 42nd day, at the age group of 18-59 years.

In the Beijing study, a dose of 4 µg would give neutralizing antibody titer of 131.5, if they received booster on the 28th day in the old group. Or at ≥ 60 years of age to get a higher antibody titer, vaccinations need to be repeated frequently.(34)

Administration of a dose of 8 µg, without booster, had lower neutralizing antibody value than the 4 µg dose, which includes booster on day 21 or day 28. 28th. The comparison was 14.7 vs 218.0 between the 8 µg single dose and the 4 µg booster dose on day 28.(34)

Fever that occurs in all people who get the vaccine, both phase 1 and phase 2, and young or old age is 12 people out of 480 people who received the vaccine (2.5%). Whereas in placebo, 3 out of 170 people (1.76%) got fever. There were no reports of an increase in cytotoxic T cells or NK cells.

Currently the vaccine is undergoing clinical trials in the United Arab Emirates and Argentina.(33) The UAE has given emergency approval to Sinopharm Beijing.(33) Indonesia is reported to have ordered 5 million doses of this Sinopharm vaccine (Tempo Daily).(35)


Based on the presence of fever, it can be said that the side effect of this vaccine is at the same level as the placebo (2.5% vs 1.76%). Or this vaccine is at the same level as Sinovac. Likewise, measuring the strength of the IgG titer, based on a 4x increase compared to the baseline value. That’s a weak way of showing the power of the vaccine in forming IgG. An increase in T-cytotoxic lymphocytes and NK cells was not reported. Based on all that, this vaccine must repeat phase 2 before moving up to phase 3. This vaccine is, however, better than Sinovac, due to trials on the old age group (> 60 years) and its higher neutralizing antibody titer.        

3. Sinopharm Wuhan (Inactivated Vaccine Wuhan Institute)

     Sinopharm Wuhan wants to get accurate data on vaccine doses. Namely, doses of 2.5 µg, 5 µg, and 10 µg. Therefore, each volunteer will be injected 3x of these doses, namely on day 0, day 28, and day 56 (phase 1).

     In phase 2, Sinopharm Wuhan concentrated on a 5 µg dose to be given on day 0 and a booster on day 14 (0-14). As well as those given 5 µg of vaccine on day 0, and a booster on day 21 (0-21).

     Phase 1 involved 96 volunteers, and 24 of them were placebo (aluminum hydroxide). Phase 2 involving 224 volunteers with 84 people in groups 0-14, 44 people in groups 0-21. Meanwhile, 56 people were included in the placebo injection. All volunteers are 18-59 years old.

     There are many irregularities that are difficult to find answers to in this Wuhan Sinopharm vaccine:(36)    

1. In phase 1, the results of low doses of the vaccine actually give better results for IgG antibodies and neutralizing antibodies than higher doses. GMT IgG antibody titers were as follow: 2.5 µg (415), 5 µg (349) and 10 µg (311).

2.  The group that received injection of 2.5 µg for 3 times, will get seropositive of 100%. Meanwhile, those who received a dose of 5 µg, on day 0, and received booster again on day 14, the seropositive result was only 87.5%.

3. The group that received 3x injections, 2.5 µg for 3 times, will get IgG antibody titer which was much higher than the group that received the 5 µg dose and repeated again on day 14. The comparison was 415 vs 74.

4. The side effects resulting from injection of the vaccine on day 0 and repeated day 14 were lower than placebo, namely 6.0% vs 14.3%.

If we concentrate on 5 µg, then:

a. 100% new seropositive will occur at the group who received injection on day 0 and will then boosted on day 21 (0-21). The antibody titer is 1: 215.

b. For 3 times injection, 5 µg dose on day 0, 28, 56, the seroconversion that occurred was 95.8% with the neutralizing antibody titer 206.

c. Neutralizing antibody titer of 0-14 is 1: 121. While the neutralizing antibody titer of 0-21 is 1: 247.

Of the 214 people who received the vaccine, both in phase 1 and phase 2, with various doses (2.5, 5, 10 µg, and they received booster too), 8 people (3.33%) experienced fever. While the fever that occurs when only given dose of 5 µg, both in phase 1 and phase 2 were 7 of 192 people (3.64%). For placebo (aluminum hydroxide) fever was found in 2 out of 80 people (2.5%).(37)

This vaccine is currently undergoing phase 3 clinical trials in the UAE. And the plan will also be carried out in Peru and Morocco. Emergency approval has been given by the UAE.(33) Together with Sinopharm Beijing, this vaccine has been ordered by Indonesia.


From efficiency and to obtain high levels of neutralizing antibodies, a dose of 5 µg given on day 0 and repeated 3 weeks later is the choice of this vaccine.

Based on the presence of fever, it can be said that the side effects of this vaccine are at the same level as the placebo (aluminum hydroxide). Or this vaccine is on the same level as Sinovac or Sinopharm Beijing. This vaccine is worse than Beijing’s Sinopharm. Because apart from not reporting an increase in T-cytotoxic cells and NK cells, this vaccine was not tested in old age group (> 60 years) and there are many irregularities that were not understood in this vaccine study. This vaccine is required to repeat phase 2 of clinical trials.

4.  CanSinoBio Ade5-nCOV Vaccine (viral vector vaccine/ CanSino Biologics Inc. and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, Academy of Military Medical Science)

No preclinical trials or animal studies have been published in standard international journals.(31) There is only an article from the Pharma Letter magazine saying that there is a preclinical test from CanSino and the results provide a strong immune response and good safety.(38)

This CanSino vaccine is to determine the strength of the vaccine, if it is without a booster. After injection on the 0th day, the results were assessed on the 28th day. There are 2 doses. The low dose (5×1010) was involving 129 people and the high dose (1×1011) was involving 253 people.(31,32,39) The age of the volunteers was 18-60 years.(32,40)

The results showed that on day 28 there was seroconversion in 96% of volunteers (low dose) and 97% (high dose). The IgG antibody titer (ELISA) is 656.5. Neutralizing antibody occurred in 59% of volunteers, or 149 (high dose) and 47% of volunteers, or 61 people (low dose). With titer 18.3 (low dose). and 19.3 (high dose).(39)

An increase in cytotoxic T cells was seen in 88% of the 129 people who received the low dose and 90% of the 253 people who received the high dose. Of the 382 people who got vaccinated (253 people with high doses) and (129 people with low doses), 103 people (26%) were having fever after the vaccination, consisting of 82 people (high dose) and 21 people (low dose).


The effectiveness of vaccines in phase 1 and 2 of clinical trials was still below standard. Fever symptoms only happened in 26% of participant. Neutralizing antibody in participants receiving high dose only occurred in 59% of volunteers. Even so, it happened with a very low titer (19.3). Moreover the vaccine was given at a young age (18-60). None of them were old (≥ 60 years). At the age of 18-60 years, neutralizing antibodies should reach more than 90%.

The CanSino vaccine, must repeat the phase 1 and 2 of clinical trials before entering phase 3. With the same number of samples or more. It is recommended to use a dose higher than 1×1011. And a booster was carried out on day 14 to obtain neutralizing antibodies that can reach more than 90% of healthy volunteers aged 18-60 years. It is also hoped that the antibody titer will be much higher than 19.3. Likewise with volunteers experiencing fever. Chances are it will be over 50%. One thing that proves that there is an immune response in people who are vaccinated. In phase 2, it is also necessary to examine the effectiveness of the vaccine if given at old age (≥60 years).

The percentage of cytotoxic T cells increase will also raise if the above suggestions are done. Likewise, it is hoped that NK cells will also increase in number.(39)

It would be foolish if Indonesia had asked the CanSino company to send 100,000 doses of vaccine while its efficacy is still below the standard described above. (35)

ChAdOx1-S Vaccine (Viral Vector Vaccine/Astra Zeneca-Oxford University)

This vaccine is made mainly to determine the strength of a single dose of vaccination. Although some are given a booster dose. There were 543 volunteers who were vaccinated. Where 533 people were given a single dose, and 10 people were given a booster dose on day 28.

If we look at the systemic reactions that occur after vaccine injection, namely the onset of fever, this vaccine clearly shows a systemic reaction. As a sign of an immune response. Based on the standard that fever is a condition when body temperature reached ≥ 38o C, this occurred in 16% of volunteers with paracetamol (given before vaccine injection) and 18% of volunteers without paracetamol. (41)

In this study, 272 people (56%) had fever (Chills). And feeling hot (feverish) in 250 people (51%). The conclusion is from the systemic reactions that occur due to vaccines, it appears that a good immune response was seen. But in proving the immunity / immunogenicity response in the laboratory the Astra Zeneca vaccine presents many shortcomings.

1. Seroconversion of IgG formation on day 28 was reported in only 127 people, with the titer of 157.(41)

In comparison the CanSino vaccine reported on 245 people (97% of 253 people). However, the Astra Zeneca vaccine provides a more accurate report. That is, the IgG seroconversion was detectable and remained high until day 56 (end of study). The report does not exist on the CanSino vaccine.

2. Neutralizing antibodies were reported only in 35 out of 533 volunteers who received a single dose of vaccination (6.56%) on day 28.(41)

Where of the 35 people using the PHEPRNT-50 calculation the results gave 100% of neutralizing antibody existence. And the neutralizing antibody titer is quite high, namely 1: 218. Whereas in the CanSino vaccine using a high dose (1×1011), the neutralizing antibodies on the 28th day were more than Astra Zeneca, namely 149 people. But the neutralizing antibody titer obtained was much lower, namely 1: 19.3.

3. The Astra Zeneca vaccine, was successful in proving an increase in cytotoxic T lymphocyte. Namely 430 volunteers who received a single dose having an increase in cytotoxic T lymphocyte in 80.67% of the 533 people who received a single dose of vaccination or 79.18% of 543 people. And the cytotoxic cells remained until the end of the study (day 56). The cytotoxic T lymphocytes from the CanSino vaccine were still detected until the end of the study. But the end of their study was up to day 28. There was no evidence of an increase in NK cells in the Astra Zeneca vaccine study. In fact, NK cells are more important for destroying viruses than cytotoxic T cells.

4. No vaccine trials in old age group (> 60 years)


Based on the above writing, Astra Zeneca was unable to move up to phase 3 clinical trials. More reports for IgG antibody and neutralizing antibody tests should be reported. NK cell testing should also be done. It is reported that the European Union is willing to buy up to 400 million doses, if the Aztra Zenecaa / Oxford University study results are positive.(33) Phase 3 clinical trials are currently being conducted in Brazil, the US and South Africa.(33)

rAd26 S+rAd5-S Vaccine / Sputnik V vaccine (Viral Vector Vaccine, Gamalaya Research Institute Russian)

It is a strange thing when the Russian President stated on August 11th 2020, that Russia had succeeded in making a vaccine against COVID-19.(33) He also approved the mass production of the vaccine for the Russian people. Putin’s daughter was immediately vaccinated with the vaccine. Putin was also ready to be vaccinated with the vaccine.(42)

Putin announced the success, without any research reports in international journals. The report in an international journal was only done on September 4, 2020.(43)

In the study report, there was no statement, if the vaccine was given at old age (> 60 years). A prerequisite factor for phase 2 clinical trials. Russia is therefore planning a phase 2 clinical trial on October 22nd 2020.(44) And so far, there have been no reports. WHO on October 4th 2020 has included the Sputnik V vaccine as one of the 10 vaccines they approved to enter phase 3 clinical trials.(19)

The vector virus rAd26 S + rAd5-S is used to carry SARS COV 2 virus particles to cause an immune response.

From the results of the phase 1 study it was reported that there were 76 healthy volunteers aged 18-60 years. Of the 76 people, 3 groups were made, namely someone who got rAd26 S, (evaluated on day 0 to day 21), rAd5-S (evaluated on day 0 to day 21) and group rAd26 S evaluated on day 0 to 21 days, then on day 21 it was boostered with rAd5-S, and evaluated until day 42.

The conclusion of the study were:(43)

1. Only with a booster on day 21, neutralizing antibodies were present in 100% of the sample

2. With a booster, 100% seroconversion of spike IgG antibody, with high titer occurred only on day 42 (21 days after booster). Meanwhile, without the booster, 100% seroconversion was still happening on the 21st day. However, the IgG antibody titer was lower, which only ranged from 951-1629 (day 21). Meanwhile, with the booster on the 21st day, the IgG antibody titer reached between 3442-5322. And reached the highest titer on the 42nd day which was between 11144-14703.

3. The neutralizing antibody titer produced is as strong as the neutralizing antibody titer in recovered COVID-19 patients. The strength of the neutralizing antibody titer of the Sputnik V vaccine was measured by the SARS COV 2 microneutralisation assay (hCoV-19 / Russia / Moscow, PMV1-1 / 2020), and the results were between 45.95-49.25.

4. CD4, CD8, IFN were found, but no reports regarding an increase in cytotoxic T cells and NK cells

5. The Sputnik V vaccine study, used the term hyperthermia to denote the presence of fever. Mild Hyperthermia (37.0-38.4oC) in 37 people and Moderate Hyperthermia (38.5-38.9 oC), occurred in 3 people. The total hyperthermia occurred in 40 people (52.63% of 76 people). Of which 27 people (67.5%) occurred after being receiving booster with rAd5-S


This vaccine is not efficient, because it needs booster. There are no vaccine trials in the elderly (> 60 years). This vaccine is also of weak effectiveness, because there are no reports of an increase in cytotoxic T cells. The detected CD8 and IFN were not identical with the increase in cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

As recognized by the researchers of the Sputnik vaccine, the neutralizing antibody titer produced by this vaccine is lower than that of Astra Zaneca vaccine. They defend themselves by saying that this vaccine has a power equivalent to the neutralizing antibody titers of people who have recovered from COVID-19, that statement cannot be accepted. Therefore, neutralizing antibodies that are obtained after recovering from COVID-19 are neutralizing antibodies where the virus enters through respiration. Such neutralizing antibodies are clearly weaker than the viruses that enter the blood directly, like the vaccination. This was evidenced by the absence of a significant difference between the administration of plasma convalescence and placebo in people with severe COVID-19 pneumonia. Even though the antibody titer given had a high median titer (1/3200).(45) Therefore the correct assessment is to measure the strength of the neutralizing antibody directly after vaccination without comparing it with the neutralizing antibody from people who recover after being infected with COVID-19 (Convalescent Plasma).

Fever that occured was not having a clear percentage. Fever in research vaccines is usually used when the body temperature is> 38oC (as used by Astra Zeneca, Janssen, Pfizer and others). Normal human body temperature itself is around 36.5oC-37.5oC.(46) On that basis, because 37oC is considered hyperthermia by the researchers for the Sputnik V vaccine, it is believed that the fever that occurs is far below 50%. Or this vaccine does not stimulate the body’s immune response. The Sputnik vaccine doesn’t check for NK cells either.

Based on what has been explained above, this vaccine is not yet ready to go up into phase 3. In the phase 2 research, which is currently underway, these things must be improved. Currently the vaccine is undergoing phase 3 clinical trials in Belarus, UAE, Venezeola. While the clinical trial phase 2/3 is currently happening in India.(33)

Ad26COVS1 Vaccine (Viral Vector Vaccine/The Janssen Parmaceutical Companies Jonhson and Johnson).(47)

The results of the phase 1/2 research report were obtained, namely that of the 634 people who got vaccinated, 23% developed fever. And the fever resolved by itself in 1 or 2 days. The number of volunteers who took part in the study were 796 people aged 18-55 years (402 people) and> 65 years (394 people). Seroconversion occurred on the 29th day after injection (single dose). And it occured in 99% at the age group of 18-55 years with titer of 528 -695. And 100% in the age group of > 65 years with a lower titer (248-507). Meanwhile, neutralizing antibodies measured with wtVNA were found in 92% of the 18-55 years age group with titer of 214-243. And 83-100% in the age group of > 65 years with titer of 127-146. (safety @ 26 Covid 19) But we don’t know whether the titer will last until the end of the study (56th day). An increase in TH1, CD4 and CD8 was reported as well as a slight increase in TH2. But there are no reports of an increase in cytotoxic T cells and NK cells.


Johnson & Johnson vaccine cannot advance into phase-3. Because the fever response occurred only in 23% of the sample. The presence of fever in excess of 50% of volunteers is necessary for a vaccine. Because it is needed as a counter against laboratory assessments that may be wrong. The increase in cytotoxic T cells and NK cells was not present in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine research. The presence of an increase in Th-1, CD-8, CD-4 cells, cannot eliminate the importance of the need to check for an increase of T-cytotoxic cells and NK cells.

100 million doses of vaccine have been ordered by the United States and 200 million by the European Union, if this vaccine meets all the requirements set by WHO.(33)

3 LNP-mRNAs/BNTI62b2 vaccine (Genetic Vaccine, BioNTech/Fosun Pharma/Pfizer)

The Pfizer vaccine, which has been accepted into phase 3 clinical trials, is the Pfizer BNTI62b2 vaccine.(19) The vaccine was obtained after Pfizer compared BNTI62b2 with BNTI62b1 in 195 samples. It turns out that BNTI62b2 is better than BNTI162b1. That is, it has fewer side effects. whereas the immune response is comparable to that of BNTI62b1. (48)

Research reports on clinical trials of phase 1/2 on the BNTI62b2 vaccine obtained the following results. The BNTI62b2 tested at a dose of 10 µg, 30 µg, 100 µg and was only done on 45 healthy people aged 18-55 years (phase 1 clinical trial).(49) While the total volunteers were 360 people including those who people aged 65-85 years (phase 2 clinical trial).(50) But there is no report yet.

Pfizer Vaccine reports that fever as side effect occurred mainly after the 2nd injection (21st day). At the first injection (day 0) the samples that received 10 µg and 30 µg vaccine doses 8.3% of the samples were experiencing fever. When the dose was increased to 100 µg, and without a booster, fever will occur in 70% of the sample. At the second injection (day 21) at a dose of 10 µg, fever occurred in 8.3% of volunteers. But at a dose of 30 µg, fever occurred in 75% of volunteers. At 100 µg dose there was no booster.(49)

IgG seroconversion tests were performed on the 21st day (before the booster), the 28th day (7 days after the booster) and the 35th day (14 days after the booster). Results were obtained at all doses, after the first injection (day 21 / before booster) IgG titer was increased from 534 to 1778 Uml-1. And these antibodies continued to increase until day 35, between 5880-16166 (after receiving booster on day 21). Whereas in 100 µg dose (without a booster), there was no increase in antibodies.(49)

As a comparison for convalescent antibodies, in post COVID-19 patients (14 days after RTPCR + examination), it was 602 Uml-1.(49)

Neutralizing antibodies, did not show significant results before booster at all doses (10 µg, 30 µg, 100 µg). But after after receiving booster on the 21st day, there was an increase in neutralizing antibodies with a titer of 180-437, on the 35th day (14 days after the booster). (31,49) As a comparison in post COVID-19 patients (14 days after RTPCR + titer), the titer is only 94.(49)

There have been no reports of T cell response or T cytotoxics in the Pfizer vaccine study.(31,49) However, CD4 and CD8 increase were found.(32,49)


This vaccine is clearly inefficient, because it requires repeated injections or boosters to get a significant immune response / immunogenicity.

The absence of reports of T cell response or increased T cytotoxic cells prevented the vaccine from progressing to phase-3 clinical trials. The increase in CD8 is not identical with the increase in cytotoxic T lymphocytes. NK cells were not examined in Pfizer’s research. Vaccine trials at> 60 years of age should also be reported before moving up to phase 3.

It is reported that The United States government has spent 1.9 billion dollars to order 50 million doses of vaccine. Whereas 100 million will be sent this December. Japan has made a deal to buy 120 million doses. Meanwhile, the European Union has ordered 200 million doses.(33)

9.  Novavax vaccine (Sub-Unit Protein/ Protein-Based Vaccine / Recombinant Protein Vaccine / Novavax Inc Maryland USA)

     Novavax Inc, owned by Bill Gates.(51) This Novavax vaccine attempts to induce an immune response to the SARS COV 2 virus by giving as little as possible the SARS COV 2 (protein) part and mixing it with an adjuvant or a certain substance, so that an immune response occurs towards SARS COV 2.(52)

     The vaccine was administered to 108 healthy people aged 18-59 years. Where 83 people were injected with adjuvants and 25 people without adjuvants. Like the Pfizer vaccine, the Novavax vaccine requires a booster to generate a good immune response. However, at single dose, the results of neutralizing antibodies are better than Pfizer or CanSino (1: 128).(31) But it is still lower than the Astra Zeneca or Johnson’s vaccines which are designed to be single dose.

     There was no significant difference between the doses of 5 µg and 25 µg.(53) However, there were significant differences between those who received adjuvant and those who did no

     Of the 108 people who received the vaccine, fever (body temperature> 38oC) only occurred in 1 person. Namely those who received a dose of 25 µg with adjuvants. Meanwhile, the neutralizing antibody titer on the 35th day (after receiving booster on the 21st day), reached a high titer, namely between 3305-3906.(53)

Anti-spike IgG seroconversion, as a result of Novavax vaccination, also showed remarkable continuous improvement. From titer 105-116 on day 0, to 47521-63160, on day 35 (14 days after booster on day 21). The number is higher than other vaccines. Novavax vaccine researchers also reported an increase in cytokines IL2, TNFα, IFN and CD4. There are no studies on the effect of the vaccine when given to the elderly (≥60 years). Even though this study was included in the clinical trial 1 and 2.


Apart from being inefficient (you have to inject it 2x) this vaccine is a weak vaccine. The fever that occured only in 1 volunteer out of 108 healthy young volunteers (18-59 years). Volunteers who were experiencing fever occurred in the group with high dose (25 µg) and received a booster as well. In contrast to Pfizer, after the dose was increased by 30 µg and booster was added as well, the fever that occurred increased to 75%, which previously was only 8.3% (before booster). Or the neutralizing antibody with the high titer of Novavax, did not stimulate the macrophages to react and to release IL1 and TNFα, stimulating the hypothalamus to release arachidonic acid causing fever. However, in his research, Novavax found the cytokines TNFα, IFN, and IL2. But without sufficiently strong IL1, the fever response would not occur.

The presence of TNFα, IFN and IL2 is not identical with the presence of an increase in cytotoxic T cells. Because such cytokines can be excreted by various cells.

The same with CD4. Pfizer, even reported a CD8 too. CD4 and CD8 are clusters of cells that will form T helper cells and cytotoxic T cells. This means that an increase in CD8 is not synonymous with an increase in cytotoxic T cells. Likewise with CD4 which has increased. It is not automatic that T helper cells will also increase too.

With the seroconversion of IgG formation or an increase in IgG and the occurrence of neutralizing antibodies, it is confirmed that CD4 and T helper cells will also increase. But that is not what it means by the presence of an enhanced T cell response. What is meant by the increased T cell response is an increase in cytotoxic T cells. A cell whose function is to kill viruses in cells.

In conclusion, the Novavax vaccine is not suitable for entry into phase-3 clinical trials. They should repeat phase 2 by including patients of > 60 years of age. In addition, Novavax must obtain evidence that their vaccine provides a good immune response. Namely the presence of fever in> 50% of the vaccinated samples, an increase in cytotoxic T cells and NK cells.

If Novavax is considered a success as a good vaccine, then the US is ready to buy 100 million doses by early 2021. Serum institute in India is also ready to work together on the production of 2 billion doses of Novavax.(33)

10. LNP-encapsulated mRNA 1273 Vaccine (Genetic Vaccine Moderna)

This vaccine was designed by Anthony Fauci. Director of the National Institute of Alergy and Infectious Disease (NIAD), USA.(54) The published research report was only the phase 1 research reports.(55) Meanwhile, phase 2 report which was started in early May, involving 600 volunteers and will end in May next year. Phase 3 of the research began in August and involved 30,000 volunteers, including 7,000 volunteers aged over 65 years.(56)

In phase 2, vaccines actually have been tested in 50 people of  > 55 years of age. But there is still no report yet.(56) Without waiting for the phase 2 report, WHO had approved Moderna to enter phase 3 in October 2020.(19) Based on the phase 1 clinical trial research, it was found that 45 volunteers who participated were healthy and aged 18-55 years. The doses tested were 25 µg, 100 µg, 250 µg. And booster was administered on day 28. Fever occured after the booster. Before the booster, there were volunteers that were experiencing fever. The fever side effect that occurred after the booster was found in 14 people (31.11% of 45 people). Where fever occured in volunteers who got a dose of 100 µg (6 people / 40%) and 8 people / 57% in volunteers who received a dose of 250 µg. (55)

Low titer IgG seroconversion occurred in all volunteers at day 15, after the first injection. And on the 29th day before booster, the IgG titers for 25 µg (40,227), 100 µg (109,209) and 250 µg (213,526). After booster on day 28, there was an increase in IgG 299,751 (25 µg), 782,719 (100 µg), 1192,154 (250 µg).(55) It was much higher than the post-COVID-19 convalescent titer which was only 142,140.

Neutralizing antibodies were not seen before the booster on the 29th day. (55) But after the booster, there was a neutralizing antibody, which was 112.3 (25 µg), and the neutralizing antibody titer values were almost the same at 100 µg and 250 µg (343.8 and 332.2).

High CD4 and T helper 1 values were obtained.(56) But the T helper 2 and CD8 values obtained only had low titers.(32,56) The study also found the presence of TNFα, IL2, IFN and a small amount of IL4 and cytokines. IL13.


Similar to the Pfizer vaccine, this vaccine is inefficient because it requires a booster or re-injection to elicit a significant immune response. Pfizer’s vaccine is better than Moderna. Because of the fever that occurs and the CD8 that’s formed is more than Moderna. Likewise, the strength of IgG antibody titers and neutralizing antibodies were also higher. The medium dose of Pfizer vaccine (30 µg) had a higher strength of IgG antibody and neutralizing antibody titers than the highest dose of Moderna (250 µg).

If Pfizer was refused entry to phase 3 (for the reasons listed above) then so will Moderna.

It was said that the US would paid $ 1.5 billion for 100 million doses of the vaccine. So were Canada, Japan and Qatar.(33)

Discussion of the 10 leading vaccines of the prophet WHO in its effort to save all people on earth from the ferocity of COVID-19.

Prophet WHO, who is followed by its army of doctors from around the world, still insists on carrying out the COVID-19 vaccine for all people on earth. However I have said that the resulting memory response cannot prevent multiple attacks from COVID-19, which is transmitted through the respiratory tract. The ones that play a role in preventing this are NALT and MALT (as previously noted).

Reflecting on influenza vaccination, where the vaccine continues to be modernized to fight the Haemophylus Influenza virus, it turns out that the average success per year is only 40.84%. [20] Or of the 100 people who are vaccinated, 51 people still catch the flu every year.

This fact was ignored by the prophet because it thought that the pathogenesis of SARS-COV 2 is identical to SARS-COV. And from the lungs, it will easily enter the blood, causing damage to organs through the ACE2 receptor.

I have rejected the pathogenesis of COVID-19 based on something like that. [20] Even so, I want to know whether the superior vaccines from the prophet WHO have the potential to save the lungs and other internal organs from the SARS-CoV 2 attack.

The most important thing in making vaccines is the safety of humans when they are vaccinated. The ferocity of COVID-19, as stated by the prophet WHO will cause world death, if they are not careful in making vaccines (a horror vaccine occurs). But if they are too careful, then the vaccination is a fraud against the people of the world (there formed a slapstick vaccine).

How about the 10 leading vaccines from the prophet WHO? Are those leading vaccines are actually slapstick, horror, or dream vaccines?

I tried to make a table of those 10 vaccines, to facilitate the assessment.

 TVVPFSeroconversion Titer IgGABN TiterT cytotoxic lymphocyteNKVOPFP
SNVBooster4803,31 %Titer increased between 27,6-34,51:30 (3µg) 1:60(6µg)Not Meaningful
SNBBooster4802,5 %Titer increased for more than 4x compared to initial condition211.2+Not Meaningful
SNWBooster2403,33 %2151:247Not Meaningful
CSBSingle Dose38226 %656.51:19.3341Meaningful
AZCSingle Dose54334 %157 (127 people)1:218 (35 people)430Meaningful
JAJSingle Dose63623 %528-695 (18-55 y.o.) 248-507 (>65 y.o.)1:243 (18-55 year old) 1:196 (>65 year old)+Meaningful
SPVBooster7635.52% ?11144-1470345.95-49.25?
PFZBooster4575% (30 µg)5880-16166 (30 µg)1:437 (30 µg)Meaningful
NOVBooster1080,9%47521-631603304-3906Not Meaningful
MDNBooster4531,11%782,719 (100 µg)343,8 (100 µg)Meaningful


TV             : Type of Vaccine

VP             : Vaccinated Participants

F               : Fever

ABN          : Antibody Neutralizing

NK             : Natural Killer

VOP          : Vaccination for Older People

FP             : Fever in Placebo

Fever (body temperature ≥ 38oC) is the most accurate example of a vaccine side effect. Because all healthy people (18-60 years), will give an immune reaction, in the form of fever, if the foreign protein is potentially enough to stimulate immunity. So if in a vaccine study, it did not cause a fever effect when the vaccine was given, then saying the vaccine as a slapstick vaccine has a strong reason. Because it can be considered that the vaccine has the same effect as a placebo (the injection has the same effect as water, vitamins and so on).

Based on the table, with the standard of fever as body temperature of ≥ 38oC, Sinovac, Sinopharm (Beijing and Wuhan), Novavax, are slapstick vaccines. Sputnik V, may also be a slapstick vaccine. Due to the temperature of 37 °C  was already considered as hyperthermia. If any vaccines currently undergoing Phase 3 says it finds heat in up to 20% or more participant, it will be unacceptable. Because it shows that their research in phase 1/2 was a joke research. Fever (body temperature of 38°C) should occur in more than 50% of the volunteers, who are vaccinated. On the basis of this criteria, only Pfizer met the requirements (however it still need booster first). Meanwhile, 9 other vaccines are slapstick vaccines.

Almost all of the 10 vaccines, have neutralizing antibodies above 1: 200 (either with booster or not). If the titer is made as a standard, then 3 vaccines are slapstick vaccines. Namely the Sinovac, CanSinoBio and the Sputnik V vaccine. Astra Zeneca vaccine, maybe a joke too. Because they only reported the titers on 35 of the 543 people vaccinated.

Likewise with IgG antibody titer. if the 1: 200 titer is used as the standard, then 3 vaccines are slapstick vaccines. Namely the Sinovac, Sinopharm Beijing and Astra Zeneca vaccines. Saying that there was an increase in titer 27.6 – 34.5 (Sinovac) or a 4x increase in titer compared to pre-vaccine IgG titer (Sinopharm Beijing) is a weak point in showing the strength of the vaccine. It is not understood why Astra Zeneca only reported 127 people. What about the other 416 people who got the vaccine? Did they have a titer power lower than 1: 157, as found in the 127 people? In its research report, there is no information about it.

From the increase in cytotoxic T lymphocytes, then 8 vaccines are included into slapstick vaccines category. Only CanSinoBio and Astra Zeneca reported a clear increase in these cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

The increases in NK cells after vaccination were not reported. Or the 10 vaccines are all slapstick vaccines.

Of the vaccine trials in people older than 60 years old, only Sinopharm Beijing and Johnson that have done that. The other 8 are slapstick vaccines.

Of the number of volunteers who took the 1 and 2 vaccine trials, more than 100 people, and have been officially reported, all of them did so except for the Sputnik V vaccine, Pfizer, Moderna. Therefore these 3 vaccines are slapstick vaccines.

In conclusion, the top 10 vaccines from the prophet WHO, are all slapstick vaccines.

The funniest order of the slapstick vaccines is:

  1. Sinovac
  2. Sinopharm Wuhan
  3. Sinopharm Beijing
  4. Novavax
  5. Sputnik V
  6. CanSinoBio
  7. Astra Zeneca
  8. Moderna
  9. Pfizer
  10. Janssen/Johnson and Johnson

To be set free from the title of the slapstick vaccine, they must have the courage to increase the vaccine dose. And that means making a horror vaccine. Because it is very difficult to make the ideal vaccine. Inserting SARS CoV 2 virus particles into the blood, means that it opens up opportunities for severe systemic reactions and damage to internal organs.

Closing remarks:

Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

“Be honest with each other in your knowledge, and don’t keep it a secret. In fact, treason in one’s knowledge has heavier punishment than betrayal in one’s wealth” – (Abu Nu’aim)

With this writing, it is clear to all rational people that the religion of COVID-19 wants to trouble and impoverish all people on earth. The slapstick vaccines they will make and will definitely be boostered repeatedly will impoverish all humans on earth. Wearing a mask, keep your distance and wash your hands repeatedly, must be done forever, as much as you possibly can. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve been vaccinated or not. Actions that trouble all people on earth. The trouble will only end when the prophet WHO says it has ended.

Therefore the fierceness of the cursed devil, who demands misery for all humans on this earth, must be resisted. There is no reason for all intelligent humans (who are praised by God) not to fight against the occupation of COVID-19 with all their power. There should be no more doctor to be arrested in the free speaking area of Hyde Park, for fighting against the religion of COVID-19. Something that was very embarrassing for all intelligent people in England and around the world. No more, a religious leader apologized because his daughter’s wedding was attended by thousands of people. Religious leaders are obliged to fight against human beings who adhere to the COVID-19 religion blindly. There should be no more, a human being without brain cells that’s advertising mask all the time could win the presidential election. There should be no more deaths with the cause of death being COVID-19.

The COVID-19 vaccine must be canceled just like their failure to vaccinate the earth’s population for Dengue and Zika. (57-58)

May Allooh SWT, the Lord of the universe, win the struggle of intelligent people throughout the world in liberating the earth from the religious collonialization of COVID-19. Amen ya robbal ‘aalamiin.

Sent To:

  1. President of USA
  2. Leaders of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
  3. Leaders of ASEAN Nations
  4. World Medical Association
  5. Internation Association of Moslem Scholars
  6. Indonesian Medical Association
  7. International Society of Internal Medicine
  8. Indonesian Society of Internal Medicine
  9. International Respiratory Society
  10. Indonesian Society of Respirology
  11. International Pediatric Association
  12. Indonesian Pediatric Society
  13. International Forensics Association
  14. Indonesian Association of Forensics Medicine
  15. Indonesian Figures & Ulama


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