February 14th 2021

To Honorable,

Ulamas in Rabithah-Al Alam-Al Islami

In Place.

Assalaamu’alaikum warohmatulloohi wabarokaatuh

May Allooh saves us from the iblis’ deceitful attempt, Amen YRA.

My brothers, honorable ulama..

With this letter I urge you to create fatwa about COVID-19’s vaccination.

I have given advice to Indonesia Council of Ulama, to label COVID-19 vaccination as haram. But they are not responding to the letter. That’s why I create this letter to you. What’s the fatwa of COVID-19 vaccination really is?

With the writing of this letter, then my duty in giving the donation of differing opinion in the matter of COVID-19 that has been troubling this world has finally over.

Henceforth I submit this matter to the Lord of all creatures of earth and of heavens.

In this letter, I also attached my letter to the Indonesia Council of Ulama, as a consideration for all of you in issuing fatwas.

May Allah SWT free all people on earth from all the hardships caused by COVID-19, as soon as possible. Aamiin YRA.

Wasalaamu’alaikum warohmatullohi wabarokaatuh

Taufiq Muhibbuddin Waly MD, Internist

Sent also:

Pope Fransiscus, Vatican

Reason  to Issue a Fatwa

That’s Saying Vaccination for COVID-19 is HARAM


Cirebon, February 27th 2021

To Honorable,

Indonesian Council of Ulama,

In Place

Assalaamu’alaikum warohmatulloohi wabarokaatuh

Dear my fellow brothers and sisters in Indonesian Council of Ulama,

Brothers have given fatwa that Sinovac vaccine is Halal. Even brothers added the word Holy as its additional description. Sinovac Vaccine is Halal and Holy. Or don’t hesitate to put the vaccine into the human body, if you really need it. And that fatwa should only apply to the Sinovac vaccine. Because you only see the Sinovac vaccine, when it was on its manufacturing process.

My honorable brothers and sisters members of Indonesian Council of Ulama

In my opinion, if the Sinovac vaccination does more harm than good, for very good reasons, then that fatwa should be changed. The Sinovac vaccine is pure. But it is forbidden to be injected or put into the human body, because the harm outweighs the benefits. However, if you are exposed to the Sinovac vaccine, the ablution water will not be canceled and the clothes do not need to be washed.

Dear my fellow brothers and sisters in Indonesian Council of Ulama,

            If in the matters of religion, it is good to follow the opinion of the majority (jumhur) of ulama. Can we also use that way of thinking when talking about medical matters?

            In my mind, there is no such thing as jumhur of doctors. Instead, the one that’s currently happening is there are doctors who are free and independent in opinion vs. doctors who are very obedient and submissive to WHO’s wishes. Or in religious terms, doctors like that are said to be blind to WHO’s whim. On the other hand, doctors who are free and independent are increasing in number in all over the world. They have also written many articles and releasing many YouTube videos to refuse vaccines and vaccinations of COVID-19.

            For doctors who are free and independence, WHO is not the only source of truth that must always be followed. The statement which is saying that LGBT people whom WHO says are as healthy as non-LGBT and is released by WHO in its official statement, must be rejected.I myself have rejected WHO’s wish to vaccinate Dengue hemorrhagic fever in Indonesia in 2012.With the facilitation of President SBY at that time, I met doctors selected by the Ministry of Health to debate the issue at the Indonesian Ministry of Health. And thank God, by the will of Allooh, the DHF vaccination that had been planned to be given to all Indonesian people failed to be implemented. I also wrote to refuse Zika virus vaccination, when WHO wanted the world to receive Zika vaccination3. It is not just WHO’s wishes regarding vaccination that I rejected. But also on fundamental issues such as the theory of disease. My teachers and I propose to WHO, to change the pathogenesis of DHF Secondary Heterologous Infection from Halstead, into a Hypersensitivity type III theory4. For the free doctors, everything can possibly be wrong, including WHO. Only the holy book of Al-Qur’an is infallible.

            My honorable brothers and sisters, members of Indonesian Council of Ulama,

            My impression from the fatwa that you made regarding COVID-19 vaccination is you people are all lacking information from doctors that have differing opinion. Even though fatwa that you release is very important in an effort of saving Indonesian people in a very broad sense of meaning. Because COVID-19 vaccination needs to be done multiple times. Not only 1 or 2 times, but can even reach 5, 6 or even dozens of times. This is called as booster. Booster or multiple injection should be done until indefinitely to keep our immunity high against virus that’s causing COVID-19.

            To make it easier to provide this information, I will make it in the form of a question and answer.

Can vaccination truly prevent COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: Pandemic is an increase in number of people infected by COVID-19. And it can be based on throat swab or positive antigen rapid test result on virus causing COVID-19. So that the main purpose of vaccination is to prevent those things from happening, because there will be immunity on people that have been vaccinated. How important the COVID-19 vaccination to even made Bloomberg John Hopkins University to say that if Indonesia failed to vaccinate 70% of its people, then it is estimated that only after 10 years  that Indonesian people will truly be freed from pandemic.

Is this true? Is COVID-19 vaccination can create immunity towards COVID-19 disease? The answer is no.

The possibility of COVID-19 happening on a person that has been vaccinated and hasn’t been vaccinated is the same. COVID-19 transmission is through upper respiratory airway. Hence, immune response that fights against COVID-19 is the one that is located in upper respiratory airway system (MALT, NALT). And the antibody that plays part on it is IgA. Antibody that comes through the effect of vaccination will only be important when the virus enters bloodstream. Or antibody that’s created by the effect of vaccination will not be able to prevent the insertion and multiplication of virus that’s causing COVID-19 in our upper respiratory airway. And this means COVID-19 will still be among us and keep on replicating.

What about the effectiveness of the vaccine, which was said to be 63.5% in the phase III of vaccine test? Doesn’t that mean vaccinations can actually prevent the COVID-19 pandemic? The effectiveness that is said to be 63.5% in the phase III test is subjective. Because 63.5% can be said not because of the efficacy of the vaccine, but because of good immunity in the airway or because of good nutrition or because the person has not had much contact with people exposed to COVID-19 or because the person is disciplined in doing 3M. The effectiveness of a vaccine must be measured objectively. How many antibody titres will be produced after vaccination. And it should be done in phase II of clinical trials.

The conclusion is, COVID-19 vaccination cannot prevent or reduce pandemics.

2.   Can vaccination prevent severe symptoms in a person infected with COVID-19?

Answer : If we use the immunogenicity as the benchmark of whether or not the new vaccine is said to be acceptable. It should have the list of as follow: heat / body temperature of more than 37.5 degrees Celsius, Ig G antibody with a titer of more than 1: 200, neutralizing antibody of more than 1: 200, cytotoxic T lymphocytes and NK cells that increase in number , and has been tested on humans of 60 years old and over, so based on laboratory results of phase 2 as they have reported in international journals, 10 of WHO’s top vaccines, moreover, Sinovac gave a low immune response. Because none of them meet the criteria that I mentioned. They have to increase the vaccine dose in order to achieve an adequate standard of immune response like in my criteria. And that means the horror threat as a result of vaccination.

On the basis that the resulting immune response after vaccination is low, severe symptoms as a result of being infected with COVID-19 will still occur, even after vaccination.

Is the Sinovac vaccine the weakest vaccine out of the top 10 WHO vaccines?

Answer : Sinovac recently published research, that the Sinovac vaccine is also safe and effective when given to humans 60 years and over (Zhiwei Wu, et al. Safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of an inactivated SARS CoV-2 vaccine [CoronaVac] in healthy adults aged 60 years and older: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 1/2 clinical trial. The Lancet, February 3rd 2021).

As well as the results of their study on 600 volunteers aged 18-59 years (Zhang Y, et al. Safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of an inactivated SARS CoV-2 vaccine in healthy adults aged 18-59 years: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled, phase 1/2 clinical trial. The Lancet, October 27th 2020), this study involving volunteers aged 60 years and over was using weak titer as standards. Ig G antibodies produced by the vaccine are considered successful if those without Ig G antibody against SARS-COV-2 / Seronegative turn into seropositive (regardless of the seropositive titer value) at the end of the study. It was considered as positive if there is an increase in titer by 4x (disregarding how much of the real value of the titer itself).

Likewise with the formation of neutralizing antibodies. It’s considered as enough if neutralizing antibodies(NAb). Titer value was greater than 1: 8 (NAb was considered positive). The Ig G antibody should be measured in the standard way, namely the Elisa method, as used by other vaccines. So what is the real value of the titer itself, not the increase in titer value or comparing the initial titer before being vaccinated with the titer after being vaccinated. I use the 1: 200 as the benchmark. For example, Pfizer Ig G antibodies reach titer 1: 5000, Moderna 1: 782 ,. Sinovac’s NAb titer of 1: 8 is considered as very low. I use the 1: 200 as the minimum standard. Because other vaccines titer strength are way beyond that. For example Pfizer is 1: 437 and Moderna is 1: 343,8.

On the basis above, Sinovac is the weakest vaccine in causing immune response to COVID-19 out of the 10 WHO flagship vaccines. For more details, please read “Religion of COVID-19, Slapstick Vaccines, and Horror Vaccines”.5

4.    Is COVID-19 vaccination safe?

Answer: Behind the results of the low immunity response generated from the 10 WHO flagship vaccines, there is also the possibility of a horror threat. This includes Sinovac, the weakest one out of the 10 WHO flagship vaccines (based on phase 2 of clinical trials). Dead virus vaccines (Sinovac, Sinopharm) and vaccines containing proteins from the virus (other vaccines), easily enter the organs. our internal organs, (heart, brain, kidneys, etc.), because of the ACE2 enzyme. And that can trigger a reaction from our immune system, which can cause damage to our main organs and can have the effect of hastening death. That is what causes the COVID-19 vaccination to be far more dangerous than other vaccinations, such as BCG, Hepatitis, Diphtheria, Tetanus etc.

What happened in Norway, where dozens of people over 80 years of age died, after vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine, shows evidence that the SARS-COV-2 virus protein, can enter heart muscle cells. But they denied that by saying it is not due to vaccination but because of the heart disease and other chronic ailments in old people. Likewise with the death of the doctor who was still young (less than 50 years old). The doctor was accused of having a heart disease that was unknown to him. Even though he didn’t have heart disease, the doctor could have a heart attack due to Sinovac vaccination. This was caused by the dead virus from Sinovac in large quantities, entering the doctor’s heart muscle cells. So that it triggers a strong intra-cell immune reaction through cytotoxic T lymphocytes and NK cells. On this day (2/7/2021) it was also reported that a doctor had died again, after several days of hospitalization. Where the doctor was treated for experiencing shortness of breath, after being vaccinated.

Vaccines safety, must be researched for years or even decades. Moreover if we talk about the COVID-19 vaccination. But in less than 1 year, WHO has allowed these vaccines to be given to the public. So I clearly said that the COVID-19 vaccination is not safe. Identical to playing Russian Roulette. And playing Russian roulette is haram.

My honorable brothers and sisters, members of Indonesian Council of Ulama,

            That is the different information I have given to all of you. Where the conclusion is; vaccination against COVID-19, does not prevent the pandemic, does not prevent severe symptoms after being infected with COVID-19 and is possibly dangerous for people who get vaccinated.

            If you admit that, then the fatwa that vaccination against COVID-19, is haram, must be notified to the government and the public. Your fatwa is very important in saving the lives of the Indonesian people in this world and even in the hereafter. It is very certain, that all of you will be held accountable in the hereafter, for the fatwas that you issue.

            Based on this article, your fatwa that says the COVID-19 vaccine is halal and has holy characteristic will cause difficulties in the lives of the Indonesian people in this world and in the hereafter. Meanwhile, the fatwa that vaccination is haram will save the lives of the Indonesian people in this world and even in hereafter. Do not be afraid of the vaccine sales campaign as stated by Bloomberg John Hopkins University. The SARS disease, which occurred in 2002, disappeared on its own in 2003, without the need for a vaccine. Even more so if we believe in what I have written. After investigating dozens of international journals, I have come to the conclusion that COVID-19 is on the same level as the common cold.6

            On the basis of my writing, if someone dies and their throat swab is positive for COVID-19, then the death is not due to COVID-19. But because of other diseases. If my article is believed to be true, by the people and government of Indonesia, then the COVID-19 problem will be resolved right away. No need for masks, let alone vaccinations. This concludes my letter. Hopefully this will be useful, for all of us and all of Indonesian people.

Wassalaamu’alaikum Warohmatulloohi Wabarokaatuh.

Tgk. H. Taufiq Muhibbuddin Waly, MD., Internist.

Sent also:

1.         Indonesian House of Representative

2.         President of Indonesia

3.         Nahdlatul Ulama Grand Administrator

4.         Muhammadiyah Central Administrator

5.         Habib Rizieq Syihab

6.         Ustadz Abdul Somad

7.         KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar

8.         Ustadz Adi Hidayat

9.         Buya Yahya

10.       Buya Gus Rizal

11.       Ustadz Salim Fillah

12.       Ustadz Felix Siaw

13.       Emha Ainun Najib

14.       Ustadz Haikal Hasan

15.       Ustadz Tengku Zulkarnain

16.       Ustadz Zulkifli Ali

17.       Tebu Ireng Nahdlatul Ulama Grand Administration

18.       Amin Rais

19.       KH. Hasan Abdullah Sahal

20.       Islamic Boarding School of Darussalam Labuhan Haji, South Aceh

21.       Governor of Aceh

22.       Governor of West Sumatra

23.       Governor of Jakarta

24.       Governor of West Java

25.       Governor of Central Java

26.       Governor of East Java

27.       Organization of Islamic Cooperation


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