Cirebon, Indonesia, July 11th 2021

To Honorable,

Head of Nations

All Over the World

In United Nations

Peace and blessings be upon us all,

                After crushing India, COVID-19 now has come to crush Indonesia. On the other hand, we see that Europeans and Latin Americans have been crowding and happily watching football matches competing to win EURO and Copa America. But it doesn’t mean that they are free from COVID-19. Maybe one day they will be crushed once again by COVID-19. Just like what COVID has done to them in yesterday.

                Until when that this world would be free from colonization by COVID-19?

                With this I am sending you my writing an answer for freeing the world from COVID-19 colonization.

                I truly hope that it will be beneficial.

Best Regards,

Taufiq Muhibbuddin Waly, Internist


 Closure of Mosques, Ban on Eid al-Adha Prayers and Lockdown


Taufiq Muhibbuddin Waly, Internist

COVID-19 is a dangerous and deadly disease. That’s the agreement of the smart people in this world. An agreement that is believed to be true by most people in the world.

Because the disease is transmitted through sprinkling of phlegm, it is natural that crowding among humans should be avoided. Even if the cases of this dangerous and deadly disease increase very rapidly, then the interaction between humans must be forced to be reduced. That is what is called PPKM (Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities), PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) and the highest level is Lockdown.

Currently, Indonesia is conducting emergency PPKM until July 20th 2021. Where the policies implemented include closing places of worship and limiting market/mall activities until 20:00. Market/mall visitors are limited to only 50%.

With such a policy, in my opinion, all religious leaders should appeal. Unfortunately, only Islamic ulamas have appealed. This fact shows only Islam, which is really serious, in considering about life after this world is over.

The Islamic ulamas, filed an appeal because they could only remain in the mosque for only a short time. The longest is half an hour. Because there are 5 prayers a day, the crowd at the mosque could only remain for 2.5 hours a day at most. Likewise with Friday prayers. The event is only 1 hour long. It’s different with crowding in the market or mall. Crowding in market/mall can be done from 09.00 am (when malls and markets are open) until 20:00 pm or for 11 hours a day. And it is impossible to limit visitors to only 50%. When compared to the Eid al-Adha prayer (which falls at the end of the PPKM, which is on July 20th, 2021), it is certain that the crowd at the Eid al-Adha prayer will be less than the crowd at the mall or market. The time used for the Eid al-Adha prayer should be no longer than 1 hour too.

In my opinion, the appeals made by some Islamic ulamas are moderate. Moderate enough, because actually, the Islamic religious leaders are willing to completely close their mosques until July 20, 2021, if the market/mall applies the same thing (lockdown occurs).

Such a thing will surely be rejected by some other ulamas. Even the proposal of some ulamas to keep the mosque open for a limited time will be rejected by some other Islamic scholars. Because of their belief that the tho’un that occurred at the time of the prophet Muhammad or the companions, was more powerful than COVID-19. But there is no order to close mosques and pray in gap. The existing orders are residents who are in the area affected by the tho’un, to not leave the area. Meanwhile, those from outside the region, to not enter the area affected by the tho’un.

What do I think about the PPKM carried out by the Jokowi administration?

The basis of the PPKM is the belief in the truth of medical science that COVID-19 is a deadly malignant disease. If that can be broken, then there is no PPKM. The scary news about COVID-19 will be gone too. However, if I think about it more deeply, the news is actually the main cause of public panic. The panic of the community led to a high death rate in the hospital. CD4 will decrease in a state of panic. And this will cause the antibodies that are formed are not optimal.

On the other hand, the hospital overload due to the panic happened quickly. So that in fact the panic from the public triggered by scary news from the media, especially the mainstream media is the main cause of PPKM. Not because of the truth of knowledge of medical science. Even if the truth of science about COVID-19 which is currently recognized, can be broken, it is not necessarily that this will be reported by the media, especially the mainstream media. So that the darkness about COVID-19 has never been revealed to all people on earth. Whoever has power over the media, especially the mainstream media, is the one who determines the truth.

To counter the influence of the mainstream media, it is imperative that the governments of the world promote a large scale open discussion between doctors who acknowledge the truth of WHO and those who do not. Because Moses PBUH, was not the smartest person in his time. Khaidir PBUH was the smartest at the time of the prophet Moses. Ifrit a jinn who was very strong at the time of Solomon PBUH, but was not the strongest. There is a human who looks ordinary, but turns out to be stronger than Ifrit. Ifrit, could move the palace of Queen Balqis before Solomon PBUH changed his position from sitting to standing. But a human who looks very ordinary could actually move the palace of Queen Balqis in the blink of an eye.

There is always the possibility of a higher truth. Because Allah, the Lord of the universe, is the source of the highest truth. Not The Singer But The Song. It is up to Allah to give the true Song to whomever He wills. Thus, scientists should compete to discuss the “True” Song that they got.

Based on what I stated above, then I convinced myself to send my writings about Covid-19 to WHO, the United Nations, and smart people in Indonesia. Where the essence of the knowledge I get is, COVID-19 is only at the level of flu. Stop vaccination of COVID-19, because it’s useless. Immunity to COVID-19 infection will not occur even if the person is vaccinated many times, regardless of the brand. Even the COVID-19 vaccination, has the potential to harm humans. Harm that can occur quickly or slowly. Unfortunately the knowledge that I got was not facilitated by the government to be verified. Namely, holding an open discussion event with COVID-19 experts who are oriented to WHO. In fact, if my knowledge is correct, then there is no reason for Indonesia and the world to continue to be under the occupation of COVID-19. The return of human life to normal as before COVID-19 can begin as soon as possible.

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