Artikel 50 – Intellectual Ensalvment by International Journal (Rise Up Intellectuals of Developing Countries!)

Intellectual Enslavement by International Journal (Rise Up Intellectual of Developing Countries!)

Intellectual Ensalvment by International Journal (Rise Up Intellectuals of Developing Countries!)

Cirebon, Indonesia
November,25th 2018
To Honorable,
UNESCO Director/Education Minister of Developing Countries All Over the World

Blessing upon us all,
International journals have enslaved all intellectuals in this world. Every writings that can enter international journal (especially first class international journal) should be exactly suitable with the standard that they use. Many writings have they rejected so far but the ideas from those writers were also taken from them and being used in other research. Unfortunately scholars from around the globe agree with this kind of enslavement. Because of the above reasons, i thank God for the invention called Google. We can be popular in this world without the needs of bowing down to those international journals. Our ideas can be poured down freely into that. There might be not impossible that our ideas can turn into reality in the future.
My site,, is visited by almost every countries in the world (148 countries so far). My writings had once been listed in history by always becoming the first one in Google search result for years. For example if we typed in “DHF pathogenesis and pathophysiology”, my writing is the first placed from hundred thousands of writings that talk about DHF pathogenesis and pathophysiology (my article titled: “Again Let’s Discuss about DHF Pathogenesis and Pathophysiology”, go check it out). The same was happening about my articles on the topic of “DHF and SLE”, “controversy of corticosteroid in DHF”, or “DHF vaccination”. My writing about the onomatopoeia of the heart as of now is placed at fourth position from one million five hundred thirty thousand articles that talk about the topic. It’s not an impossible thing that someday all of medical faculties and doctors worldwide won’t be saying that the 1stheart sound is lup- and the 2nd heart sound is -dub but alloo- as the 1st heart sound and –hu as the 2nd one.
However, every scientific writer is still being forced to enter their writings into international journal. Because scholars worldwide are still in doubt to apply the reasonable theory from these lesser known scientific writers, if their writings are not yet included in established international journal sites especially the first class international journal level. My correspondence with professor Corales Medina the author of “DHF in Lange: Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment” (one of the main textbooks of international medical society) or Professor R. Epstein, one of the professors from Harvard proved my theories about DHF infection as true. Implicitly they said that they recognized my writing about DHF but they can’t make it as a reference because it is not included in the first class international journal yet. Educational system in the medical faculties all over the world including in Indonesia and other developing countries too are neglecting the ranking strength of scientific writings that are available freely in Google. Third class international journal content is more respectable compared to the first rank of scientific writing in Google.
From explanation above it can be seen very clearly that international journal has enslaved intellectuals worldwide. Just like what i write above if there is an intellectual that can achieve top ten from hundred thousands of scientific writings in one of particular disease in the Google then it can’t be refuted that this particular intellectual is a world class intellectual. And this particular intellectual has made their countries proud. The second point is there is not impossible that the idea from these scientific writers can be referenced by worldwide scholars in the future.
With these backgrounds, i recommend the UNESCO director/education ministers of developing countries all over the world to encourage their intellectuals to write in Google. Someone that has created something new can be given doctoral degree if his writing has/had achieved top ten in Google with the minimum amount of articles that’s talking about the same topic is at least reached minimum of 10 thousand articles and these said scholars should also have a site about their scientific writings, it is necessary too for him to have people from minimum of 50 countries (+/- 25% of total countries in the world) to visit his site.
So if there is something new that has been stated by the writers, reached top ten position in Google, minimum articles that’s talking about the same topic have reached 10 thousand and his own site has been visited by minimum of 50 countries then he is qualified to get a doktoral degree. Having their own sites is required because it showed the world that these writers are really serious to write down his knowledge and specifically dedicating themselves in that kind of specific topic. So even if it is placed as the first rank in Google but they don’t have their own sites then world doctoral degree can’t be given, no matter if their writing is placed on the first class journal sites.
If all these requirements are fulfilled then he can get his doctoral degree. But if his writing is in the top ten ranking of international Google and the amount of article that’s talking about the same topic is minimum of 50 thousands articles and total countries that’s visiting his website in minimum is 100 countries (>50% of total countries in the world) then this scholar deserves to be given doctoral degree with cum laude status.
Meanwhile a person is suitable to be given a professor title if he can/could achieve top ten in Google and the total amount of articles that’s talking about the same topic exceed the minimum of 100.000 articles. His scientific site must also be visited by minimum of 140 countries all around globe  (>70% of total countries in the world). By then he can be recognized as a world-class professor. Only that person can write professor title in front of his name and can be called as a professor whenever he travels to any country in the world, because he has taught intellectuals from all over the world about his knowledge in that specific kind of scientific topic.
So this marks the ends of my advice to you the honorable director of UNESCO and education ministers of developing countries all over the world. Every tricks and fraud that correlates with the application of my advice should be easily confirmed by IT experts in UNESCO and educational ministry of every country in the world. For example if we typed “LGBT No Way” then it will be a question if what actually appeared as the first position in Google is “No Gay No Home”. Because it is not correlated with the kind of article the searcher wants to find in the first place. It seems like there are some kind of pressures, so the said article (No Gay No Home) is placed as the first position. My own article in the end ended up becoming the 2nd one from around one hundred twenty one thousand articles worldwide.
Hope it will be beneficial.

Best regards,
T.MUDWAL (Taufiq Muhibbudin Waly)

Also sent to:
1. Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT)
2. Stanford University
3. Harvard University
4. California Institute of Technology
5. University of Cambridge
6. University of Oxford
7. University College London (UCL)
8. Imperial College London
9. University of Chicago
10. ETH Zurich
11. President Jokowi of Indonesia
12. Indonesian House of Representative
13. Education Minister of Indonesia
14. Research and Advanced Education Minister of Indonesia

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