Fall of the World Under Demon’s Control

Syarif, Tgk. H. Taufiq bin Muhibbuddin bin Muhammad Waly bin Muhammad Salim bin Malin Palito, MD., Internist

For almost a year I have continuously put all my strength into studying this COVID-19. So my conclusion is that they have succeeded in creating a very contagious virus and they are trying to colonize all humans on earth by creating the Horror theory about Covid-19. Horror theory which will cause all humans on earth to change everything so that it becomes more individual, suspicious of each other, live full of fear and at the highest level the destruction of the nation’s economy and the change in one’s fundamental values, namely religion (The occurrence of The New World Order or Novus Ordo Seclorum). All religions and societies around the world have been hit by the horror theory of COVID-19. But the real goal is to destroy the religion of Islam, destroy the economic and society structure of the Islamic state. Because it is only Islam, the only religion that respects the ruler of the heavens more than the rulers of the earth. The only religion that refused the destruction of the Aqsa mosque to be converted into the temple of Solomon.

They created various kinds of rules and checks to accelerate the destruction of the world community, especially the Muslims. The horror theory is not enough, they also increase their grip strength on the lives of the whole world community, by creating the COVID-19 vaccination program. Vaccination programs that must be continuously receiving booster, for who knows how long. Installing chips or any tools to monitor the success of the vaccination program is actually to monitor all human movements on this earth, so installing chips or other tools like that is something they are very likely to do.

Therefore, by asking for guidance, strength and protection from Allooh, even if I am only alone or with a few doctors in this world, we are still obliged to fight against the global elite power that has controlled the WHO. WHO, with its troops, which is the majority of doctors worldwide.

The 2 main pillars of my writing to fight this extremely strong power are COVID-19, Allooh’s punishment for the world or the world punishing itself and COVID-19 religion, slapstick vaccine and the horror vaccine (against the colonialism of COVID-19), I have sent to them. In the end, COVID-19 is a classic problem, namely the devil’s oath to Allooh SWT to mislead people from worshiping Allah the One True God.

In my opinion, if people are still obeying COVID-19’s protocol, including doing multiple tests in the search for others infected by COVID-19 and accepting COVID-19’s vaccination program, then Iblis has proven his claim to the God of the universe that the creation of man was the blunder or a big mistake by Allooh.


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