Horror Effects of COVID-19 for The Muslims
Tgk. H. Taufiq Muhibbuddin Waly, M.D., Internist

COVID-19’s horror with the help of doctor’s hand worldwide (as decreed by the WHO), will really make this world hit its restart button. The new world order will be implemented thoroughly in every aspects of human lives, ideologies/religious beliefs, economy, social and cultural factors. Only gold that can withstand the storm. Because of that, acquire the gold as much as possible and as fast as we possibly can. To be able to survive and win against The New World Order. Or in latin it is called by the name of Novus Ordo Seclorum (just like what we can read in the back of the US dollar bills).
Vaccination is the only way to erase the fear of COVID-19’s ferociousness. That’s what has been taught by WHO to doctors worldwide. Besides known for its ferociousness, COVID-19 can also be spread rapidly from one person to another. To free the world from COVID-19’s grasp, then all humans on this earth should get vaccinated. WHO will then ask so that this policy may be applied thoroughly for all nations worldwide. There even a plan that if there’s a country that couldn’t apply this vaccination policy, the biggest owners of world’s currency (global elites), are ready to give free vaccines to all people in those poor countries. It looks like the close relation between WHO and global elites in the matter of COVID-19 is hard to be denied.
What is the real motives of this world’s biggest owners of currency in doing that? The highest desire of these people is to become the Gods that are being worshipped by the humans. Or to become the most powerful people of this world, period. All of their whims would have to be fulfilled. And the biggest obstacle that they’ve to pierce through is the existence of God(s) that exist(s) in religious teaching. Because of that, all religious teaching must be weakened. Especially Islam.
The main strength of Islam is when they gather and unite to listen their ulama. Because of that, COVID-19 has to be made as horrid as possible. There will be no more gathering. Ulama and all humans has to be vaccinated continuously. Because that’s what vaccine’s requirement is. It needs to be boostered all the time, continously. Especially in COVID-19’s case which is “proven” to be deadly. All humans that are not vaccinated have to be marginalized from this world. Eventually there will be time a certain chip will be installed into the human to ensure the success of vaccination program and to ease the monitoring proccess. Hence, it will be easily known which ones out of the 7 billion humans on earth that have been vaccinated or the ones that haven’t been vacinnated yet. And which ones that have been undergoing booster and which ones that have not been vaccinnated yet. And that chip can also be programmed to do all kind of transactions.
At this point, if everything will really be over. The stubborn ones will be eliminated by using that chip. LGBT, free sex will be acknowledged. And in the end, Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque will be in the hand of the Jews.
To prevent above things from happening there needs to be a bold move from Muslim doctors to show their expertise. This disease is similiar to the level of helminth-type diseases because in fact 95% of cases will just going to give us light symptoms. WHO’s tinkering is the one that’s causing this worm to transform into a terrifying dragon and this is clearly a fault that should be straighten up. Even when that course of action will be against WHO and doctors worldwide. The writer has been trying to do just that by making video with the title of “Rapid Test and Vaccination of COVID-19 Are Useless (English Subtitle) (https://youtu.be/h_i35PJDzI0). That video is the second video, because the first video from the writer that’s uploaded without subtitle has been erased by Youtube because it was against the “Term and Policy” of Youtube community.
Other than that, the writer has been spreading out the video, when the writer was given time to talk in front of UNS’ Medical Faculty alumni to defend an argument that states COVID-19 is not a dangerous disease. In fact, it is similiar to the likes of seasonal flu (COVID-19, Cytokine Storm or Horror Storm, https://youtu.be/mqE66aptp1c).
The writer also made a writing that explains the horror of COVID-19 that’s created by WHO and followed by majority of doctors worldwide, is wrong. Some of the writings that the writer made for example such as 100 thousands US Citizens and COVID-19’s Horror, Diagnosis and Therapy of COVID-19, PENGARUH CINA….., Review of COVID-19’s Mode of Transmission (An Effort to Vanquish World’s Panic). Where all of those writings can be seen in the writer’s site: renungan-tmudwal.com.
In the end, the writer is fully aware that without Allooh’s help it is clearly impossible for the writer alone to prevent Lucifer’s and his followers advancement. The advance to conquer Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa’s mosque through Novus Ordo Seclorum in the end might be inevitable. May Allooh SWT fail the Lucifer’s ploy that’s using COVID-19’s horror as a pretext to hide his true real scheme. Aamiin YRA.