The Death of 100,000 US People and The Horror of COVID-19  (The COVID-19 Pandemic has been Over) 

Taufiq Muhibbuddin Waly 

The COVID-19 horror that has haunted the entire world is getting worse. Recently, the  deaths of more than 100,000 people in the United States have been used as weapons by horror  filmmakers, they believe these deaths were caused by COVID-19. It implies that the horror  filmmakers wanted President Trump to keep the lockdown for the American until September.  On the other hand, Trump has allowed all states of the United States (except four states), to  engage in activities outside the home. However, media pressure from horror filmmakers has  led Trump to hold a flag ceremony at half-mast, in mourning for the deaths of more than  100,000 Americans. This was held in order to reduce the fear of some US people due to the  horror propaganda carried out by the US media. Besides, the ceremony can be interpreted as a  hope that Trump will put another lockdown on the US until September, in order to reduce the  number of deaths caused by COVID-19. In addition, the riot was suspected as a fabrication by  the director of the COVID-19 horror film. 

Not only in America, but also in Indonesia, the government was forced to lock down  even longer. It can be seen from the length of the lockdown period for the Jakarta people, which  initially ended on May 10th, it was changed to June 5th. Moreover, it was estimated that the  lockdown will continue until October 2020, as predicted by the horror filmmaker. Interestingly,  the two most populous countries in the world, India, and China did not receive pressure from  the horror filmmaker. 

If the lockdown is over, humans are required to obey the regulations that have been set  up to prevent new cases of COVID-19. Some of the behaviors that have to be done after the  lockdown was over are maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, and wearing masks  continuously. On the other hand, various public entertainments will disappear, so that the level  of stress will increase due to the ever-increasing economic hardship. Furthermore, religious  activities that are participated by lot of people will also be lost. Therefore, the film director  then provided a solution how to be free from COVID-19. It was the keyword for the COVID 

19 horror film that causes fear in the community is “rapid spread” and “easy death” in all  humans infected with SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, through anything transmission. 

Even after a COVID-19 patient has died, and disinfected, the corpses are still able to transmit  COVID-19. Actually I have written to refute it ( terhadap-cara-penularan-covid-19-usaha-untuk-menghilangkan-kepanikan-dunia/). Unfortunately, the wrong mindset that has been ingrained deeply in society and even doctors  in the world believed that all diseases can be caused by COVID-19, seems like this mindset is  difficult to change. However, I have denied that mindset in my writings, that can be accessed  in covid-19/ and  

The fear of infection and death led world leaders to carry out massive checks on their  community to break the chain of infection. Even though the more they are examined, the more  positive the number will be. Therefore, in this paper, I will try to analyze the facts on the  mortality rate due to COVID-19. 

The following is the Table of Death Rates in the United States: 

Retrived from Age-and-S/9bhg-hcku 20/05/2020

It is actually quite difficult for me to get the latest data on the deaths of the United States  people due to COVID-19 based on age, I only got the CDC report on May 20th, 2020. Based 

on the table above, it can be seen that on May 03rd, 2020 there were 68,998 people who died  due to COVID-19. Meanwhile, 178,594 patients were declared cured. It means that the total  number of patients who have been evaluated is 247,592 people from 03rd May to 02nd April  2020. Thus, the monthly death rate due to COVID-19 in the US is 68,998 / 247,592 = 27.86%  of the total COVID-19 sufferers (247,592 people). 

Is the number of deaths of 68,998 people caused by COVID-19 acceptable? The life  expectancy of the US people is 78.54 years. Furthermore, 22,534 + 18,621 = 41,155 or 59.64%  of Americans who died from COVID-19 were aged 75 years and over or 59.64% of the total  deaths due to COVID-19 from 02nd April 2020 to 03rd May 2020 (68,998 people). Besides,  Immune deficiency or low immunity due to chronic diseases, causes 43.55% of people aged 75  years and over to suffer pneumonia due to COVID-19 (17,927 out of 41,155 people). The  situation will be even worse, if there is a haemophilus influenza virus, as shown in the table  above, that people aged 75 years and over who suffer from influenza are 6.4% of 41,155 people. 

Moreover, if patients aged 75 years and over are deemed fit to die because they have met their  life expectancy (excluded from the table), then the actual number of people who died from  COVID-19 is only 68,998-41,155 = 27,843 people, or 40.35% of the initial number (68,998  people). If we believe that patients aged 65 years have chronic disease, then mortality 0-64  years is the death in question or the evaluation death. Evaluation deaths or deaths in people  who are considered non-comorbid due to COVID-19 are 13,386 people or 48.87% of the actual  COVID-19 deaths (27,843 people). It implies that a very high death rate if COVID-19 caused a lot of deaths in people with good immunity. Nevertheless, if we look at the data from the  CDC, there were interesting things that happen to people in under 65 years old. As the example,  8,312 patients were died in 56-64 years old caused by COVID-19. Meanwhile, 8,312 people  were declared dead due to COVID-19, and 16,283 people died due to COVID-19, pneumonia,  and influenza.  

As the information, as many as 3,737 patients died from COVID-19 and pneumonia, is  it possible that 4,133 patients be said to have died from influenza? that will be difficult to say  they died from influenza. If we focus on patients with COVID-19 and pneumonia, the total is  3,737 people. Meanwhile, there were 8,312 patients who died from COVID 19. It implies there  are around 4,575 people who are positive for COVID-19 and the cause of death is unknown,  as much as 55.04%. In this case, the science of the thousand faces disease has been applied,  the thousand faces disease of COVID-19 is a theory created by Chinese scientists and adopted 

by WHO. When there are patients who die, but the SARS CoV-2 RT-PCR is positive, it is  concluded that the cause of death is COVID-19. Even though it is possible, these patients died  due to hypovolemic shock, severe asthma attacks, strokes, and so on. 

I reject the existence of cytokines in COVID-19 in my writing, http://renungan Actually,  viruses are not looking for receptors, but looking for target cells to live and reproduce.  Furthermore, it is feared that those who die from pneumonia and COVID-19 are not pneumonia  due to COVID-19, but because of a bacterial infection. It was unfortunate because that thing  has been a doctors’ mindset that COVID-19 is a malignant virus, and can turn into various  diseases (The thousand faces disease of COVID 19), and the cause of bacterial infection is  ignored. Based on the information above, 55.04% of patient deaths had unknown cause, but it  was written that the death was due to COVID-19, plus the possibility of them being pressured  to write a diagnosis of COVID-19 (as said by Dr. Erikson and Dr. Mikovits). In addition, with  the high evaluation mortality rate, I claimed that 70-80% of the death rates that revealed  because of COVID-19, are not actually due to COVID-19. In addition, it will be naive if I also  add to the false argument with the dr. Andrew Kaufman words that revealed “the Reverse  Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) examination carried out was below  standard”. Therefore, after patients aged 75 years are excluded from the table, the mortality  rate from COVID-19 is 20% or 30% x 27,843 = 5,569 – 8,353 people. These deaths have only  occurred in US people who experience immune deficiency such as chronic diseases,  malignancies, or mixed infections with other diseases. Thus, the number of pure deaths is only  8.07% – 12% of the total number of initial deaths (68,998 people). 

If the data is applied to the most recent data from the United States on Saturday, 30  May 2020 at 15.00PM, that: 

• The number of crude deaths was 104,542 people, 

• Number of deaths aged 75 years and over: 59.64% x 104,542 people = 62,348 people • The actual number of deaths (without patients aged 75 years and over) = 104,542– 62,348 = 42,194 people 

• Total number of pure deaths (without Chinese theory / WHO, without coercion and  without age 75 years and over = 20-30% x actual number of deaths = 20-30% x  42,194 = 8,439 people – 12,658 people

The devastating effect of the COVID-19 horror film 

The key word to show that the COVID-19 horror film unscary is to prove that the  pathogenesis or the basis for how the disease occurs scientifically is groundless. The virus  looks for human cells as a destination for comfortable living and reproduction. The target cells  of SARS-CoV or SARS disease are alveoli cells, and the presence of ACE-2 in the alveoli  allows the virus entering the alveoli cells easily and multiply. Therefore, it was clear that the  symptoms it causes are shortness of breath at a severe level. ACE-2 made it easier for SARS 

COV to enter the target cells in the alveoli, but SARS-COV did not live on all body cells that  had ACE-2 on it. In addition, ACE-2 is only found in the lungs cells, endothelial cells, arteries,  kidneys, heart, brain and intestines. 

If ACE-2 or the security guard organization allows the SARS-CoV-2 virus to enter  these cells, it is uncertain that SARS-CoV-2 can live in these cells, because milieu or the  atmosphere and food in the cells in every person’s body are not necessarily suitable for the virus  to live and reproduce, and the virus only lives in suitable places (according to the allergy 

immunology textbook). Moreover, in the horror film COVID-19, they did not prove to the  majority of people infected with SARS-COV-2 that the body’s ACE-2 enzyme was  significantly reduced due to damage caused by working with SARS-CoV-2. Furthermore,  because the initial clinical symptoms of COVID-19 are only ARI symptoms, it is relevant to  say that the target cells of SARS CoV-2 are mainly in the upper respiratory tract, and not alveoli  cells, as in SARS-CoV. It is also very relevant, if goblet cells, as one of the strongholds in the  upper airway become the target cells. Besides, if the fortress is destroyed, the virus able to enter  the lower respiratory tract or into the lungs freely, then you will get hypoxia, due to pneumonia,  even ARDS. In fact, at recent microthrombi, and coagulation disorders such as DIC, elevated  fibrinogen may occur, but they only occur in low immunity people and especially in the elderly.  In addition, extensive lung damage will occur quickly, so that the clinical symptoms that  initially are not shortness of breath can suddenly become shortness due to the destruction of  the many alveoli cells in the lungs caused by apoptosis of SARS-COV-2 and inflammation. 

Not all bacteria or viruses that attack humans need antibodies to destroy microbes.  Although our immune system works in parallel or antibodies receive signals from microbes  that will enter our body, antibodies will only work faster when these microbes are known, and  blood vessels will be able to pass through the antibodies. It is believed that the maximum size 

of the blood vessels to the goblet cells is only 5 micrometers (the smallest size of blood vessels  in the human vascular system). Besides, the smallest capillaries are very difficult to pass for  IgM weighing 900 thousand Daltons and IgG weighing 160 thousand Daltons. Infection of  goblet cells is a mild infection, and the body does not perform strong capillary vasodilation so  that antibodies can easily enter the goblet cells. Based on these things, the specific humoral  immunity system (antibody) does not react when there are microbes in the upper respiratory  tract or goblet cells. Cellular immunity in humans is able to destroy SARS-CoV-2 in the upper  respiratory tract. However, if SARS-CoV-2 has managed to pass through the thick fluid  secreted by goblet cells and phagocytes from the immune system in the upper respiratory tract,  antibodies will react to destroy the viruses. Blood flow to the lungs with a large capacity and  in diameter that antibodies (IgG and IgM) are able to pass, causing the viruses in the lungs to  be destroyed. Thus, because our antibodies or humoral system do not react to SARS-CoV-2  infection in the upper respiratory tract, cytokine storms will not occur.  

Cytokine storms only occur when the immune complex (the bond between the SARS CoV-2 virus and antibodies) is abundant in our blood circulation, and will activate complement,  activating our destroyer cells, especially macrophage cells to destroy the immune complex. Cytokines with various models and in large numbers, will be spurred out if the immune  complexes also enter our organs (cytokine storm occurs). If researchers explained that SARS CoV-2 also produces a lot of cytokines (Consider Cytokine Storm Syndromes and  Immunocompression-The Lancet Volume 395, Issue 10229, P1033-1034), then it can be  ascertained that the large cytokine model is not followed by the number of cytokines. There  are various kinds of interleukins, but only small amounts of cytokines are released, because a  large number of immune complexes are not present in the circulation. In the horror film, the numerous and widespread immune complexes and complement  are not visible or unwritten in their journals. Details can be accessed at http://renungan Based on the  explanation above, it can be concluded that the thousand faces disease created by Chinese  scientists and adopted by WHO cannot be accepted. Furthermore, here is the table of Deaths  Due to COVID-19 in Italy (retrieved from, 22 May 2020)

Based on the table above, the number of deaths is 31.106, as seen from the worldometer that the number of deaths occurred on May 13, 2020. In addition, on the same date, 112.541  patients were declared cured. Therefore, the total number of patients who had been evaluated  was 143,647, in April 10th, 2020. Thus, the monthly mortality rate due to COVID-19  (10/4/2020 to 13/5/2020) was 31,106 / 143,647 = 21, 65% of the COVID-19 total sufferers  (143,647). Nevertheless, is the number of deaths 31,106 acceptable? (initial / crude number of  deaths) The life expectancy of the Italians are 83.24 years. Furthermore, Italians who died due  to COVID-19, aged 80 years and over (5,212 + 12,691 = 17,903), or 57.55% of the total deaths  due to COVID-19 (10/4/2020 to 13/5 / 2020). 

COVID-19 patients aged 80 years and over If deemed fit to die because they have met  life expectancy (excluded from the table), the actual number of people who died due to COVID 19 was only 31,106 – 17,903 = 13,203 (actual number of deaths), or 42.44% of the initial /  crude number of deaths. When the Italians aged 70 years are believed to have started chronic  disease, then death aged 0 years to 69 years is the death in question or death evaluation. The  evaluation deaths due to COVID 19 totaled 4,667 people, or 35.34% of the actual number of  deaths (13,203 people). The death rate of 35.34% occurred in people with considered good  immunity, however, it is lower than the mortality rate evaluated in the United States (48.07%).  Unfortunately, data on COVID 19 patients suffering from pneumonia or influenza in Italy are  not obtained. 

I believe the mistakes that have occurred in Italy are the same as those in the United  States, because the 1000 face theory of COVID 19 has become a reference for doctors around 

the world. Therefore, I claimed that 70-80% of the deaths recorded as a result of COVID-19  are not caused by COVID-19. If the actual number of deaths (outside the age of 80 years and  over), is as much as 13,203, then the number of pure COVID-19 deaths is only 20-30% x  13,203 = 2,640-3,960 people, or 8.48% – 12.73% of the initial death count. In fact, these deaths  only occurred in Italians with immune deficiency such as chronic diseases, malignancy or  mixed infection with other diseases. 

If applied to the latest Italian data (Saturday, 30 May 2020, 19.55 WIB), the following  data will be obtained below: 

• Number of crude deaths: 33,229 people 

• Number of deaths over 80 years of age, 57.55% x 33,209 = 19,109. 

• Actual number of deaths = 33,229 – 19,109 = 14,120 

• Total number of pure deaths: 20-30% x actual number of deaths = 20-30% x 14,120  = 2,824 – 4,236 

INDONESIA on April 29th, 2020 revealed about the deaths due to COVID-19 that occurred in Indonesia on April 28th, 2020 were 773 people, here are the details according to age:

Based on the data above, it was recorded that there were 773 deaths and 1,254 people  recovered on April 28, or 2,027 in total. Therefore, the death rate for COVID-19 in Indonesia  on April 29, 2020 is 773 / 2,027 = 38.13%. Furthermore, is the number of deaths of 773 people  acceptable? (initial / crude number of deaths) The WHO life expectancy rate for Indonesians  is 69 years. Supposedly, people who died from COVID-19 should be at least 65 years old or  more, because for Indonesians that age has been considered to have reached the expectation of 

life and usually has decreased immunity. Nevertheless, most of the deaths due to COVID-19  in Indonesia are under 65 years of age. If we remove people aged 70 years and over, the death  rate will be 94.15% of the total people caused by COVID-19. 

Let’s analyze the above data! If people aged 70 years and over are excluded from the  table, the number of deaths obtained is 773 – 45 = 728 people (actual number of deaths). The  number of 45 Indonesians who have reached their expectation of life has only reached 5.89%  of the total number of crude deaths. It is really different from the cases in the United States  (59.64%) and Italy (57.55%). If 55 years of age in Indonesia are considered to have chronic  disease (this age is vulnerable to 50-69 years), then half of the group is considered to have  chronic disease. The total number of deaths among Indonesians aged 50-69 years is 280 people.  Therefore, as many as 140 people are considered to have chronic diseases, so the number of  COVID-19 deaths that occur in people with good immunity or deemed not to have  comorbidities 728 – 140 = 588 people (0-54 years), or the death rate evaluation was 588/728 =  80.76% (after being removed from the death table for people aged 70 years and over). This is  a very absurd number, where COVID-19 can cause death in people who are considered to have  good immunity or considered to have no comorbid until it reaches more than 80%.  Additionally, it exceeded the mortality rate evaluated in the United States (48.07%) and Italy  (35.34%). 

The death of persons aged 0-54 years who have been deemed non-comorbid is clearly  unacceptable. Due to the application of the COVID-19 (thousand faces disease) theory, every  person who dies due to traffic accidents, suicide, and other diseases will be diagnosed with  COVID-19 if the reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction is positive. All serious  illnesses in Indonesia will have their RT-PCR checked, and if the RT-PCR is positive, it does 

not matter whether the person died from acute myocardial infarction, hemorrhagic stroke or  severe dengue, it is claimed that the cause of death was COVID-19. 

In fact, the enthusiasm to write down COVID-19 as the cause of death, I claim 70-80%  of it occurs in doctors in Italy and the US. As for Indonesia, I believe that no less than 90%, or  only 10%, died due to COVID 19 and that death has only occurred in people who have chronic  diseases, malignancies, and mixed infections with other diseases. Thus, the true number of  deaths due to COVID-19 is only 10% x 728 people = 73 people, or 9.44% of the total crude 

deaths (773 people). In addition, I did not apply it to the most recent COVID 19 data from  Indonesia, because the evaluation death rate was too high. 


Based on the data and analysis above, it can be concluded that [1] The main factor in  the number of deaths that was said to be caused by COVID-19 was the writing of positive RT PCR COVID-19 as the cause of death in all diseases. [2] The inclusion of elderly people who  have reached the expectation of life who have died and whose RT-PCR is positive has increased  the death rate due to COVID-19 [3] Likewise with the pressure from doctors to make a  diagnosis and death certificate for COVID-19. [4] ARI is an early symptom of COVID-19, and  what is needed to destroy SARS-CoV-2 is cellular immunity instead of humoral immunity  (antibody), so the administration of vaccines to stimulate the formation of antibodies is useless. [5] Besides, the return to normal activities will not cause herd immunity. In addition, based on  this, [6] a person can be attacked repeatedly by ARI as a result of being infected with SARS CoV-2 and will continue to exist. 

[7] Based on point 6, the RT-PCR examination as much as possible in the community  is ignorance. [8] Isolation either independently or in hospital in patients with positive RT-PCR  is an offense, and it is very wrong if those isolated have never had their RT-PCR checked. [9] COVID-19 is transmitted by droplet infection. Meanwhile, airborne transmission is only  possible if the droplet has not arrived 20 minutes after being released by people who contain  SARS-CoV-2. In addition, the aerosol spread of COVID-19 is a horror story. It is possible only  when the sky is filled with SARS-CoV-2, as happened in Wuhan. [10] Furthermore, burial  with positive RT-PCR, procedurally COVID-19 is an offense. [11] Especially for Indonesia,  every patient with fever for 7 days or less, should always think about the possibility of dengue  infection, because Indonesia has the big potential to get dengue infection (Indonesia’s potential  for dengue infection = 5,380,000 people). Even dengue infection has been shown to cause  cytokine storms. Actually, it should be Dengue Infection that earned “the thousand faces”  disease title. (see cases of Dengue infection on Besides, the  evaluation mortality rate is very high scientifically due to dengue infection. The better a  person’s immunity, the easier it will be to attack the dengue virus (type III hypersensitivity  theory-T.MUDWAL, see this site:

[12] The number of immune deficient people who have died in the last 5 months, it  should be reasonable to say that COVID-19 is over, because there is no other standard except  that. Meanwhile, the low R0 is a temporary trick, because after they are allowed to go outside  the house, the R0 value will return high. The rapid transmission and the large number of  asymptomatic people who were SARS-COV-2 positive would also increase the R0 value.  Previously the world was shocked with people who are immune deficient, it is because lack of  ventilators. In addition, based on data (4, 5, 6), it is sufficient to “stay at home” only for 1  month, if “stay at home” is extended it will accelerate the death of people with immune  deficiency and the immune system in people with good immunity will be damaged. 

[13] Based on points 4,5,6 and 12, the fear of a second wave of COVID-19 is excessive  fear. Vigilance is only necessary for people who reach the expectation of life age. [14] after  considering the previous points, it is time for the world to return to its normal state without  having to go through a new normal phase. Except humans who want to submit to the devil. Al Hijr verse 39 revealed that [Iblees] said, “My Lord, because You have put me in error, I will  surely make [disobedience] attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all (15:39).